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London MCM Expo Oct 2014: Highlights by Aisha Anime

Lolliepop Bunnie travelled from Brazil to sign at the NEO stand at London MCM expo

Lolliepop Bunnie travelled from Brazil to sign at the NEO stand at London MCM expo

Europe's biggest comic convention held twice a year specialising in sci-fi, comic book, video games, merchendise, kawaii fashion, live entertainment, celebrity panels and anime at the ExCel is reported to continue to shatter attendance records, with more than 110,000 in October.

The figures are a whooping 110,197 people came through the doors (24-26 October) compared to 101,600 at the last show in May and 88,000 in October 2013. This is possibly due to the heart throb Harry Potter hero actor Daniel Radcliffe attending in promotion of his latest horror movie 'Horns'. With his his arch nemesis Tom Felton attending Birmingham Expo later this year.

On Friday many teenagers, adults (mostly female) queued up enthusiastically in the Platinum suite (away from the general crowd which was a good idea) to see if they picked one of 200 winning raffle tickets to get to meet and receive a signed posted from Daniel himself. I was one of those lucky folks and armed with foam baseball bat and dressed in cosplay I was shocked and suprised to be able to meet the star at 5pm that day.  ll us 200 fans queued up anxiously with a few overcome in joy crying in anticipation to meet Mr Potter, now adorned with a rugged beard. A quick handshake and a quick hello and it was over. Whoever were not lucky enough to meet Daniel got the opportunity to sit through his panel before the signing.

hp no blur

Among the stars we had Shane West doing Q&A, Vic Mignonia (anime voice actor), Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham (anime voice actor), DC Douglas (anime voice actor), Dave Lewelyn(Red Dwarf), Hideo Baba (creator of Tales of game series), Jessica Nigri (cosplay star) and many more!

If you weren't queuing for the boy wonder then your sights would be averted to the female cosplay sensation - Jessica Nigri  whose queue never wavered in length. Most people queued to get selfies with the sexy Pikachu and buy personalised signed prints on both days as she dressed as Mad Moxxi and in a Poro Bikini both days with bestie and fellow cosplayer Kelly Jean.

jessica nigri

MYM stand looked after voice actors Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, DC Douglas who you received a free autograph from if you presented the latest edition of MYM magazine. Later all free presented panels and Q&A's with their fans. DC Douglas also did a late night improv session with left people in stitches with his great saucy comments.

Shinichiro Watanabe caused a stir at the Bandai Namco booth doing free signings and even brought his own Meow mascot. Shinichirô Watanabe is known for his work on The Animatrix (2003), Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001), Samurai Champloo (2004) and his newest Space Dandy (2014). I managed to get an interview with him and he was more than happy to talk about his mish mash of genres and the importance of socialising, which will be up on Ukanifest soon.

It was also great to catch up again with Hideo Baba about Tales of Zestrina and the characters which my video interview will follow shortly. Also I got to meet part of Dimps behind Dragonball Zenoverse - Masahiro Kashino who talked about his team improving the movement of the characters in the new game and the new customization mode. As they are still testing you may unknowingly meet part of DImps playing in the game !

Find more photos here.

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Bandai Namco Bring Biggest Games Stand to London MCM this weekend by Aisha Anime

Aisha Anime with Hideo Baba at Bandai Namco HQ i Japan

Aisha Anime with Hideo Baba at Bandai Namco HQ i Japan

BANDAI NAMCO Games UK will present its biggest and most ambitious stand to date at MCM this October showcasing an incredible line-up of unmissable games, including a first consumer hands-on with DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE on new-gen consoles, Project CARS, ADVENTURE TIME: THE SECRET OF THE NAMELESS KINGDOM and show favourites, TALES OF HEARTSTM R and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN ULTIMATE NINJA STORM REVOLUTION.

Full line-up of games:



·         PROJECT CARS




·         TALES OF XILLIA 2


BANDAI NAMCO Games are privileged to have attendance from Tales series producer, Hideo Baba, DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE development studio, DIMPS: Development Producer Masahiro Kashino and Technical Director Hiroshi Waki. A rare public showing by DARK SOULS II developer FromSoftware, Line Producer Yuzo Kojima and Game Director Yui Tanimura will be made only on Saturday 25th October.                      

Signing sessions for Masahiro Kashino for DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE and Hideo Baba for the TALES OF Series will take place on the BANDAI NAMCO Games stand on Saturday 25th October from 1:00pm and 4:00 for one hour each. For attendees going on Sunday 25th October, signing sessions are available from 11:00am and 2:00pm. Anyone that appears in cosplay as a character from either the Tales Of series or the DRAGON BALL series during the signing sessions will get their photo taken and a thank you gift. Signings with Yuzo Kojima and Yui Tanimura will take place Saturday 11:00am-1:00pm on the BANDAI NAMCO Games stand.

Furthermore, for the first time at MCM, BANDAI toys will be joining the BANDAI NAMCO Games stand where they will be showcasing products from the exciting new construction concept Sprukits, the Legacy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers collection and the upcoming Disney movie Big Hero 6.

Bandai are excited to be showcasing upcoming collector and toy lines at Comic-Con this year and are really looking forward to working with BANDAI NAMCO Games on our first major UK show collaboration” said Chris Pearce, Product Manager for Bandai.

"We are very pleased to be showcasing our brilliant games alongside Bandai at MCM London Comic Con” Lee Kirton, PR & Marketing Director for BANDAI NAMCO Games UK. “We have some of the most diverse and exciting games for fans of all ages and genres and we are pleased to continue supporting this great show. Dreams, Fun and Inspiration"

October will also see the return of the official BANDAI NAMCO Games Store, with special show-exclusive offers on games and merchandise, including a super-limited edition PAC-MANTM and Tales Of T-shirt. A PAC-MANTM ghost plush will be offered to the first 50 purchasers each day, it is highly recommended to go to the BANDAI NAMCO Games stand as early as possible to take advantage of these great offers.

Lagc Summer edition 2014 by Aisha Anime

Coplay guest do a panel on stage updates at the Rocket Complx

Coplay guest do a panel on stage updates at the Rocket Complx

July has become the con month with back to back events and with people saving up to come down to London for the weekend, often a choice has to be made between which to attend out of a few. If you missed out on LAGC let me fill you in on all the fun opportunities you missed out on !

The biggest highlight was having Maggie Blue O' Hara join the event from Singapore. Anime fans would know her as the voice of Bulma from Dragon Ball, Maddision for Cardcaptors of Kitty Pride from X-men Evolution. Maggie joined LAGC everyday with her Q&A, signing and walking around the convention. Fancy doing some Kareoke with your favourite childhood character? Thi9s was Maggie's first even convention and she was not shying away from people, this all happenened, attendees got to talk and get even dancing tips with Maggie. 

me and maggie lagc 14

If gaming is your thing then going to the 16 Bit King's area to check out Indie Dev games or the tourneys was a must have experience. I was suprised to see my very owbn friends win prizes from Turtle Beach headsets to cash prizes in League of Legend, Smash, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Yu Gi Oh.

cosplay gaming

Cosplay is one of my favourite past times and apart from casual cosplay and photoshoots from aspiring photographers to experienced cosplay videographers a new addition tot he schedule was Celebrity photoshoot. Any characters from Maggie's anime rooster were invited to take professiona; photos with her for promotional use and even for Maggie to keep. A great souvenir for all the hardcore fans, I think Chiquitita Cosplay dressed as Bunny girl Bulma (her favourite character) would agree!

Dragon Ball z Cosplay

Dragon Ball z Cosplay

Some great additions to the merchandise stalls was cartoonpassion.com selling pa vast array of plushies from promotional Chappa Chupps Choopers to a rare Toadsworth dolls. They also had a range of jewelry and game/anime mercehndise. The staff were selling the items at bargain prices on sunday night. 

Crafty Fox sold handmade retro pillow covers including soot ball from My Neighbour Totoro and retro My Little Pony! Why not make your house decor as kawaii as your clothing? Check out her stuff on etsy:


The Kawaii Kollective was there repping the Alpaca love and some even wore Vivi hats from league of Legends. The lady running it knows how to mesh the cute and geeky together. get your mini alpacas online:


Canime returned with some more amazing canvases, they also came prepared with some Dragon Ball designs with lots of customers bought to be signed by Maggie O Hara, even Maggie had a look at the stall. Feel free to send your own photos or designs for a custom canvas at competitive prices.


This has been the best LAGC I have attended so far, the stall had great merch, the stage was always busy and there was a great atmosphere. I wish i didn't have work on Monday so i could've stayed longer !

For more photos go to Aisha Anime's page.
For more details on the next LAGC or Al-con in September go here: 



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