Rurouni Kenshin now on crunchyroll. Why are you still reading this? by shadebug

Every so often I'll hear a friend who's "into anime" say "I think I'll rewatch Bleach" or something similar that makes me die a little inside. But I quickly run out of alternatives for  said friend without then giving said friend a tutorial on how to do illegal things or how to source out of print DVDs. Then crunchyroll came to my rescue.

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ef - A Tale of Melodies, far too much Japanese for our language to handle by shadebug

A short while back I did a review of ef - A Tale of Memories and there was an almighty clamour for a review of the second season. But how could I do that if the second season hadn't been released on DVD? Well, MVM heard your cries so they'll be releasing it in September. Luckily, they let me get my mitts on a copy beforehand so I can let you know whether you need it in your life. So stick about to see how ef - A Tale of Melodies compares to its predecessor.

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