Christmas Hyper Japan 2014: Kitsune Art by Aisha Anime

kitsune exhibit at hj

Looking at different highlights at Hyper Japan my first and favourite aspect was Kitsune Art. They held there Sailor Moon exhibition of illustrations of Sailor Moon by 100 different artists from all over the world at Hyper Japan.

Situated upstairs amongst all the kawaii stalls and art and craft. We had the backdrop of the art behind two ladies doing a live demonstration. Between Lucia and Renee they hand painted some dunnies from Kidrobot to produce some Sailor Moon inspired figurines. In the end on Saturday afternoon they produced a Sailor Moon, Luna, Diana and Artemis.

Lucia and Renee at work at Hyper Japan

Lucia and Renee at work at Hyper Japan

All the money raised by selling these toys goes for charity Plan Uk -  Luna and Diana have already found a home. Usagi chan £40 and Artemis £25 are still available! If you're interested e-mail at info@kitsuneart.net

Usagi chan by Lucia Fioretti www.kitesuneart.net
Luna, Diana and Artemis by Renée Melo www.reneemelo.com

Thanks for those who already have made the order for the catalogue!
We are speaking with the editor and we will contact you personally as soon as we have more details. For those who were undecided there is still time to make up your mind! Just send an e-mail at info@kitsuneart.net confirming your interest!

Find out more about Kitsune Art here.

Follow there progress on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kitsuneart.net

~Aisha Anime~

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