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Hi Civilians,

  Are you ready for the MCM Expo in London this weekend? 

This weekend is going to be bigger than ever and we suggest that if you have not booked tickets online you try to now as no tickets will be available on the door. 


The Sticky

 "Through out MCM London Comic Con we offer many attractions listed some below...

MCM London Comic Con gives you the chance to meet stars from both Big and Small screens along games experts and voice artists.



The MEMORABILIA area in MCM London Comic Con brings together stars of the Big and Small screen from yester year, so take the chance of meeting some!


Offering you the chance to have your photograph taken in a professional photograph studio at the MCM London Comic Con with the stars in attendance, not only that they are printed and returned to you the same day.

Bringing you the best dealers from across the UK, Europe and the world, the chance to buy collectibles, Anime, Trading Card, Manga, DVD’s, Games, Comics, Toys and a whole load more.

During the MCM London Comic Con you get the chance to play some of the newest games on the market or that are coming to the market.


Do you Love online video, Creators, Viewers, Fans, Bloggers, Web Series of all kinds?
MCM London Comic Con the UK’s BIGGEST Pop Culture event brings you ‘VidFestUK’, a celebration of all things video and Social.



PopAsia is an area within MCM London Comic Con. It offers a of a fusion Japanese & Asian Culture, It allows you to take part and experience many cultural aspects including Music, Food, Fashion, Anime & Manga.

MCM London Comic Con and its visitors provide a unique fusion for Comic creators and fans to gather and share in sequential art goodness with those both new and experienced to the medium.

MCM London Comic Comic provides a range of support for Cosplayers, we also hold a Masquerade on stage and more!


Every May MCM London Comic Con hosts and organises the EuroCosplay Championships, flying in the best Cosplayers from around Europe to become the overall European Champion.

The MCM London Comic Con Theatre is where all of the guests take part in talks, the masquerade is held plus presentations and to top it off theres no extra charge.



Bringing the past into the future!

Throughout the weekend of MCM London Comic Con many activities take place not only inside the show but outside as well, check it out!

The MCM London Comic Con Party takes place on the Saturday evening of each MCM London Comic Con.
Bringing together attendees and offering them a chance to get together, dance, eat & drink and enjoy themselves into the evening!

MCM eSports, brings you the best in computer game tournaments!"
MCM Expo


The End

We will be taking pictures in the event and our owner will be present (with his son) to enjoy the panels and meet Donnie Yen!

For MCM London Comic Con tickets visit:





So enjoy yourself, stay safe and enjoy the fun!



TPub Launches a Kickstarter for new title 'Turncoat' by Aisha Anime

turncoat mock up

From the guys who brought you Twisted Dark, Tpub have launched a kickstarter to bring us a popular web comic to print called Turncoat

So What's it about?

Turncoat follows the story of Duke. Duke is the world's worst superhero assassin. He straight up sucks at killing superheroes. He always needs a supervillain partner to help him on his hits, he's constantly fending off his ex-wife-and-rival-assassin, Sharon, and the agency only ever seems to send him after d-list loser superheroes. But it's okay, Duke's gonna show everyone he's got what it takes by taking out the world's number one superhero team - The Liberty Brigade. You know...once he figures out how to.

See what you can earn from pledging to the kickstarter here:

The creators

Written by Tpub's Ryan O'Sullivan from London and drawn by Plaid Klaus from New York in 2014, they haven't met but the distance hasn't stopped an amazing partnership to bring this amazing story. Turncoat is a collection of the entire six-issue run of the popular webcomic of the same name ( 

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art examples

Brick Lane Japan Film Festival 2015 by Aisha Anime


Japanese culture has progressively become popular in the UK. Now it is easy to spot  are getting much more popular Japanese restaurants everywhere and there are many Japanese events like “Hyper Japan”.  Brick Lane Japan Film Festival will showcase Japanese Films over three days up until New Years Eve.

Apart from Anime, Jpaan has a lot of talent to showcase and  BJFF aim to show new types
and variety of films mainly to people in East London, and also film fans in the heart of London, Brick lane.
The chosen venue is “5th Base Gallery” located in the Brick Lane, East London. There is big graffiti wall just outside of the night view in Tokyo outside of the gallery, making a great atmosphere for the event. Enjoy the great selection of films alongside some free sake tasting. 

The films  being shown are from “Third Window Films”, a British film company distributing
various kinds of masterpiece Asian films. The selected 7 films are from major and independent, variety types of genre, and all films definitely will give will give new and different experiences. The films are split into 4 categories:

 “Way of Life”

” Girls’ BFF (Best Friend Forever)”


 “Love & Tragedy”
Here is the schedule for the Film Festival:



【January 29th】

18:00  Open

19:00  HANA-BI

The Story of Yonosuke

The Story of Yonosuke

【January 30th】

13:00  The Story of Yonosuke

16:50  Kamikaze Girls

19:00  Shady



【January 31st】

11:30  The Woodsman and the Rain

14:30  The Foreign Duck, the Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker

17:00  Confessions

The gallery will open 30 minutes before the film starts(except first day).

Buy tickets here

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