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Custom Crowns: Versatile Fashion by Aisha Anime

custom crowns

Fashion is dictated by the latest trends on the catwalk and even picking up a jumper from the bargain bin shows hints from a past season when that jumper was based on a design that was popular, Custom crowns is streetwear that aims to delete the beginning. Using their velcro passion to create 100's of designs so you don't have to be left with one look.

Expertly crafted; with attention to detail, form and functionality. With our Custom Crowns velcro snapbacks and truckers, you take control. Create your style. Customise your crown. The (capslaps) patches features their own signature designs in collaboration with independent artists, familiar brands and even take bespoke commissions. Why should fashion be limited?

Kickstarter launching soon but they have already had people snap up their hats ; such as Ed Sheeran, THE FIRST KINGS (X Factor), KORR-A and SNOOCHIE SHY.

the first kings

The team behind Custom Crowns started out with a shared love of fashion, design and art. Collectively,  tired of how generic the caps offered by so many companies were becoming and even though the cap market is booming we felt their was room for a more niche product that would encompass the individuality that so many of us crave these days. 

They spent time researching and sourcing materials that would give them confidence that they could offer something different to anything currently on the market. 

Through their innovative design concept they wanted to give their customers something they will love and cherish and rush to show their friends. As importantly wanted to create an ethical business that gives back to the local community while simultaneously supporting many talented artists from around the world.



The three guys behind Custom Crowns:

MARK ISLE has strong background in art, design and fashion. Mark heads up the creative side of Custom Crowns - working on all aspects of product design and development. Historically, Mark ran several successful online fashion platforms selling 3rd party brands. Mark also ran a web design & development company with his brother, helping clients with branding, design and marketing

ADEL ALI KHAN deals with the PR side of things and has a strong background in journalism and fashion with a degree in Business and Law. Adel runs the operational side of the company. Adel started working in fashion when he was 17 years old. Since then he has gone on to work for brands such as Hugo Boss and Inditex.Adel also ran a catering company, where he built and sold boutiquefood pods, for individuals and companies.

KOFI OPPONG comes with a wealth of  retail background that spans 30 years. This includes a 10-year career at JD Sports followed by 10 years working as product manager for Nike. A trainer collector with over 200 pairs of shoes, Kofi now runs Urban MBA - A charity that supports urban adults between the ages of 18 – 25 to set up and sustain their business

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Summer LFCC with Ground Breaking Queues by Aisha Anime

mario cart cosplay

Normally 'queuing' is link to MCM Comic Con but this tile LFCC took the biscuit! This was because their chief guest was Stan Lee, the man behind Marvel attending for his last appearance in the UK. At the age of 91 everyone was grateful he attended after making his cameo appearance in the Avenger's movie the day before.

Press had access to some promo events on the Friday where the dolarian was driven in an a skit played out by the Doc and Marty from Back to the Future.Later on fantastic Bubblebee robot/cosplay part of the Transformers entourage turned up too on Sunday.

You had Optimus Prime, two Bumblebees and the police car park outside Earl's Court 1 for all spectators to see. Th Police even drove in and requested selfies with the Transformer cars.


Upon entering the venue we had panels with various stars such as Teabag from Prison Break, Dax from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Colonel from 24, Peter Petrelli from Heroes.

Milo talked about his exit from Heroes and wishes for their success in the new series. then spoke of his projects, one of which is his own digital series and new series directed by Spielberg called 'Whisperers'.

Later Stan 'the Man' Lee came on stage and received a roaring welcome. He proceeded to answer questions from the audience about his favourite cameos in the movie such as Thor and Spiderman. What is more important story of art in comics. He believes you could get away with story in the past but now art is crucial. Lots of questions about Antman flew around too. With dire hearing problems we got lot lots of witty banter from Lee in between translation.

stan the man

Amongst the astronomical queues to meet top guest at the events including George Romero (Day of the dead, most zombie movies to date), Jason Mewes (Jay from Jay & Silent Bob), Lita (Wrestling), Carrie Fisher (Princess Laia, Star Wars, Juliet Rose Landau (Druscilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Teabag from Prisonbreak (no one called him by his name the whole weekend and then he refused selfies what a douche-bag <-- see what I did there ? :-p I on the over hand was being witness to Bulk and Skull's shenanigans, they stole my cat ears and pulled my hair - some things never change even with age.

Bulk and skull pulling my hair &nbsp;and wearing my cat ears !

Bulk and skull pulling my hair  and wearing my cat ears !

The stalls were alot more varied than usual, you had your comic section, merchandise, comics but this time we had an increase on My Little Pony swag and shoes. Yes ladies, you could of bought yourself some boutique heels adorned in jewels to make geek chic patterns.