Have you booked your HYPER JAPAN tickets yet? by Aisha Anime

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The J-culture event of the year is almost upon us! If you haven't reserved your tickets yet, take a look at our tickets page to see what's available. Ticket sales for each day will close the evening before, so don't leave things til the last minute! To avoid disappointment, pre-book in advance as tickets on the door will be limited. 

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What you can expect from HYPER JAPAN 2014

Food & Drink: The Sushi Awards and the Sake Experience will be packed with Japanese food and drink experts, ready to educate and entertain you as you sip and taste their gourmet offerings. If you'd love to learn easy Japanese cookery, or perhaps enjoy some free tea and other samples, don't miss TASTE JAPAN! And if that's not enough to fill your belly, our food court will be selling authentic Japanese street food, snacks, sweets, candies, ingredients, hot and cold drinks, health foods, and much more.

Stage Shows: Last year’s technodelic sensation SIRO-A is coming back with more exciting performance. Plus, not one, but two major acts combine Japanese traditional culture and bleeding-edge tech, as Den Entertainment's "The Sake" and Opera AOI debut on our stage! Returning J-pop favourites Yanakiku and Yun*chi are joined by Anna Yano and Anime theme singer Nagi Yanagi, so music fans have a lot to look forward to. Japan's high-tech side gets a showing with robotics from Robo Garage and ITK. You can check out our full list of exciting guests here.

Kawaii Fashion: HYPER KAWAii!! is bursting at the seams with Harajuku style! There's a Kawaii stage with content running all weekend, a makeover area and extreme fashion/cosplay wigs to try on, and a host of amazing Japanese KAWAii!! guests who you won't meet anywhere else in the UK!

Anime, Manga and Gaming: There's entertainment on offer at HYPER JAPAN to keep visitors amused all weekend. Gamers will love the Nintendo and Bandai Namco areas. With manga comics from Kodansha and exhibitors like Manga Entertainment, lovers of Japanese pop culture will find plenty to enjoy. NHK World will also be providing plenty of fun, with beloved mascot Domo-Kun present for all three days of the event!

Tradition: Experience Japan's ancient arts and crafts at HYPER JAPAN.  Discover the ancient art of Bonsai from award-winning masters, what it's like to wear a kimono, learn the ninja arts, and hear authentic Japanese instruments and folk music.

Shopping: You can find an unmatched range of Japanese goods for sale in our hall. As well as goods from many of our aforementioned exhibitors and food court, you can check out bleeding-edge cool and hand-made traditional craft goods at our  HYPER Fringe Market, including a selection of art and artists. 

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Aisha Anime Interviews: Blue Exorcist Director & producer at MCM London Expo by Aisha Anime

Blue Exorcist: The Movie

Blue Exorcist: The Movie

True to tradition, MCM London expo revealed day by day the great guests they had in store for us attendees to meet. One of the real exciting last minute high profile guests such as Blue Exorcist: The Movie’s director Atsushi Takahashi and producer Takamitsu Inoue. The anime was a roaring success in the UK and USA.

London MCM Expo was packed again this year and it was not a suprise with high profile guests such as Blue Exorcist: The Movie’s director Atsushi Takahashi and producer Takamitsu Inoue.

Takamitsu Inoue's career began at anime studio Production I.G, eventually he moved to Aniplex where he took part in the development of titles such as the famous Naruto series and recent horror novel adaptation Shiki. Following work as a producer for the popular Blue Exorcist TV series, Inoue most recent project is last December’s (2013) Blue Exorcist: The Movie.

Blue Exorcist: The Movie marks Atsushi Takahashi feature film debut. Starting out in charge of production of Nasu: Summer In Andalusia, Takahashi was also the assistant director on the acclaimed Studio ghibli anime movie Spirited Away. He has also worked in TV as assistant director of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashiand Kemonodzume, before directing sci-fi racing show Rideback in 2009. 

I was able to catch up with Takahashi and Inoue to talk about the Blue Exorcist: The Movie , I even wore blue ! They said I should visit Harajuku in Japan that I would like it there for the fashion - I highly agree. 

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