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HYPER KAWAii!! by Aisha Anime

Hyper Japan Kawaii models

Bigger and better than before, this year Hyper Japan have an entire HYPER KAWAii!! area dedicated to the best of Japanese street fashion!

What is Kawaii?

“Kawaii” is a word with wide and varied meaning! In modern Japanese, the word kawaii means “cute,” “adorable,” or “loveable,” with undertones of a certain innocence, but kawaii as a concept is much broader than the English word “cute” suggests; it’s been said that the definition of kawaii has grown as other desirable attributes have become “kawaii” by extension.

In the context of Japanese street fashion, it has come to encompass the terms “cool,” “stylish,” and “lovely,” and is an all-purpose compliment about someone’s style or appearance. Here at HYPER JAPAN we like to think of “kawaii” fashion as being any kind of alternative look that’s Cool, Creative, Cute and Crazy!

Kyari Pamyu Pamyu

Kyari Pamyu Pamyu

What’s Harajuku Kawaii!!?

Harajuku Kawaii!! is the name of ASOBISYSTEM’s fashion projects and cultural events, drawn from the best of Tokyo’s street styles. Named for the district of Tokyo which is the centre of their street fashion culture, Harajuku Kawaii!! is going on a world tour in 2014, starting with HYPER JAPAN in London!

ASOBISYSTEM-affiliated Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is an official “Harajuku Kawaii Ambassador,” a former-blogger turned Youtube star and professional fashion model for Harajuku magazines. Referred to as “Japan’s Lady Gaga,” Kyary is the subject of much media coverage.
Harajuku Kawaii!! stars at HYPER KAWAii!!


HYPER KAWAii!! at this summer’s HYPER JAPAN will be your chance to meet some of Japan’s top Harajuku models and Kawaii performers! More details can be found here.

hj models

HYPER KAWAii!! Stage

The “Harajuku Kawaii!!” show, huge in Japan, is now touring all over the world; This time brings it to the UK, at HYPER JAPAN 2014!

Our dynamic event will feature a number of popular Japanese models, and even our UK audience can join in as part of HYPER JAPAN x HARAJUKU KAWAii!! = HYPER KAWAii!!. There’ll be catwalk action and fashion shows running at all times throughout the whole of HYPER JAPAN in the HYPER KAWAii!! area. Will they feature Kimonos? Harajuku style? Stay tuned for announcements of what we’ll have on-stage at HYPER JAPAN 2014’s HYPER KAWAii!! to find out!

KAWAii!! Shopping and more!

HYPER JAPAN 2014′s HYPER KAWAii!! area will be jam-packed with all the stalls, areas and shows that you’ve come to expect, dedicated to one of Japan’s most exciting exports: amazing, inspiring, fun and colourful street fashion. Dress up in your finest and join the party, including:

  • Fashion stalls
  • Incredible hair and make-up inspiration
  • Stylish shopping opportunities
  • Fashion and Cosplay photobook!

kawaii lookbook

At this summer’s bigger, better HYPER JAPAN, they are making a big deal out of cosplay and Kawaii Fashion than usual. So much so that we want to immortalise the fashion and cosplay highlights in print for you, the community, to enjoy!

HYPER will be a full-colour photobook, featuring both the cream of the crop of images taken by our professional photographers, as well as the best submissions from our community, as submitted by our social media. We’ll be sharing more details, including what can be submitted and how, a little nearer to the event!

transform from normal day to Harajuku

transform from normal day to Harajuku

Kawaii Korner: Fuzzy moon by Aisha Anime

fuxxy moon logo

Recently I won a giant giveaway from Kawaii B an online community who promote independant handmade brands and they all get together to share their photos and products to the world. One of the contributors was Fuzzy Moon. Which included a plastic sparkly bracelet, robot brooch and fluffy cat ears.

Who are the ppl behind Fuzzy Moon?

Photo of Aisha Anime and Jojo from Fuzzy Moon - photo credit to @leagueofextradinarycosplay :D

Photo of Aisha Anime and Jojo from Fuzzy Moon - photo credit to @leagueofextradinarycosplay :D

A  small team of two people: Joana Neto, Brand owner Jordan Terry, Co-owner and partner. For many years, Jojo dreamt of giving people fashion but in lower prices. She never had a fixed genre in mind  as mainstream fashion didn't feel expressive enough. After some of her love of Japan entered the internet and researched Japanese fashion, Fairy Kei and Mahou kei sprung to mind, and she loved how diverse it can be! Diverse, unique with a hint of DIY which shows so much character.

A great advantage was Jojo studied fashion in college, nothing too in detail, just some techniques and projects. She gained confidence to experiment much more in the field with the knowledge she learned. Other than that, its purely a hobby, which they decided to take further and share with everyone who loves the fashion

How did you come up with the name?

"The sparkles of the fashion styles reminds me of the sky and how comfortable everything seemed. That's where the Fuzzy (comfortable feeling) Moon (beautiful stars and galaxies) came from. My items are inspired by dreams, self expression, and magical girls!"

All her items are in fact handmade  even as far as to making mould and such. This gal is hardcore and not afraid of experimenting! Based in the UK, I met up with her at MCM and wore a few of her items on the Catwalk for the Harajuku Fashion show.

Since they are new, starting last year in December "we still are a little baby in this world. But we plan to go to as many conventions as possible."

Top Picks

Eyebow hair clips,

eyeball clips

The eye colours are available in Yellow, blue (two shades), green and brown (two shades). These have so many variations possible, and I really want to explore this design later down the line =) These are actually hair clips but I used it to jazz up my shoes instead - very versatile accessories and very trendy due to the Kyari Pamyu Pamyu faze. $12

Star love necklace

shooting star necklace

Hi magical fairies =). Welcome to the wonderland of Fuzzy Moon, where you can find unique designs for your fairy needs.

Every item is unique, as they are all hand made: colours might be slightly different.All items are crafted in the UK, with love, magic, glitter and fairy dust. All products are made to order, unless otherwise stated. £13

Shooting star bracelets

shooting star bracelet

Every item is unique, as they are all hand made: colours might be slightly different.All items are crafted in the UK, with lovemagic, glitter and fairy dust. All products are made to order, unless otherwise stated. $3.30

Currently working on some new word necklaces and also designing some clothing, watch this space for more updates - 





Lastly what does it mean to you to be part of the Kawaii B community?

Its an honour to be part of the community. Everybody is super friendly too. To gather everyone with the same interests and to help each other when needed for anything, is also what is behind our brand: to offer something unique at a low price so anyone can get anything super cute.

Find more the contributors features on Ukanifest from the Kawaii B collective.

Website - http://www.kawaiib.co.uk/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kawaiibuk


Photo of Aisha Anime & Jojo from Fuzzy Moon by League Of Extraordinary Cosplayers

HYPER JAPAN 2014 Performers, Cosplay and F:east Japan by Aisha Anime

hj banner

The excitement continues to build for this summer's HYPER JAPAN 2014! With new guests and exhibitors constantly being confirmed, we're now starting to put together a provisional main stage timetable, which you can see here. Masked Ninja HIROKI will be flipping, twirling and spinning his way onstage (fans of Ninjaman Japan will love this), while traditional Japanese stage arts meet modern choreography and production values with the DEN Entertainment show "The Sake".  

Hyper Japan willl have a very different meeting of cutting-edge tech and Japanese tradition in the form of Opera: AOI's debut, where synthesised singing gives voice to Bunraku puppetry. July's HJ will also feature the return of crowd-favourite "KimoCos" duo YANAKIKU to London! There's so much going on, and so much more to be added still, so as always, check out the website for the latest updates. 

Masked Ninja HIROKI,   YANAKIKU and  AOI's debut

Masked Ninja HIROKI, YANAKIKU and  AOI's debut

Once again HJ is at the forefront of cosplay in the UK, and the gateway to the international stage! We're very excited to announce that we're hosting the UK preliminaries for the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG), a chance for UK cosplayers to win a place at the finals  at 2015's Japan Expo in Paris as well as a HJ prize bag.  For more casual cosplayers who still want to have their ensembles compete with their peers, there's also their own CosParade contest.

On top of the competitive fun, the cosplay area's getting a makeover to go with the move to Earls Court One. They've got a new-and-improved HYPER-OTACHIDAI stage area in the works, complete with photographers and lighting rigs, where we're organising group photoshoots and meets, you can check out the provisional timetable through the link. We look forward to seeing you among the cream of the UK's cosplay crop this summer! 

Hyper Japan's Cosplay group photo 

Hyper Japan's Cosplay group photo 


Saturday and Sunday 7th - 8th June sees Japan Centre Piccadilly taken over by F:east Japan, complete with delicious food stalls, free craft workshops, food demonstrations and a fantastic prize draw to win a trip for two to Japan courtesy of JAL and JRpass.com, as well as more fantastic prizes!

This two day celebration of all things Japanese is the perfect destination for anyone interested in Japanese food and culture, so make sure you write it in your diary in permanent marker now. There’ll be fantastic free tastings and festival stalls from great food producers such as Ajinomoto, Taywell, Itoen, Clearspring and more, as well as workshops by The Japan Society and JC Sushi Academy.

For more info see the F:east Japan website