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Belated Christmas Wishes ! by Aisha Anime

xmas pikachu

With all the new game releases and anime one get's snowed under and low and behold I forgot Christmas ! Merry Xmas from Ukanifest ! Now let's look at all the joyous fad gifts you can acquire.

Pokemon Center 2014 Christmas Pikachu edition plush toy. It was only available at the Pokemon Centers in Japan in November, 2014, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity during the Christmas campaign.  Out of production. Made of soft material (polyester), prepare to spend money to get your hands on one !

pokecenter sant pikachu 2014

People in Japan can indulge in the Snow Miku and Rabbit Yukine, available in Family Mart convenience stores. Made of lactobacilli bacteria it's supposedly said to be "mellow" with a "hint of acidity." Please leave comments if you have actually drank this.

snow miku drink

Seasonal items also include snow globes which I recently found stocked at Buck 2014 where a lady made My little pony inspired ones for a fraction of the prices I found Christmas Hello Kitty! Be sure to check out the many variety of snow globes at Sparkler’s Custom Ponies 

hk snowblog

Be sure to link us to any novelty Christmas presents you have received ! ~Aisha Anime~

McDonald’s Korea now serving up Hello Kitty Plushies in cute Sanrio costumes by Aisha Anime

sanrio hk korea

Hello Kitty has been quite the busy kitty recently celebrating her 40th birthday. Earlier this year she featured at a fashion cat walk in America and then making rounds at theatres in Japan dressed as characters from Rurouni Kenshin. Now she has popped up in Korea McDonald’s in dressed up as some of her fellow Sanrio mates. Check out the cute kitty after the jump!

Apparently this isn’t the first time Hello Kitty has cosplayed for McDonald’s Korea. In 2013, she did a crossover with the fast food giant and dressed up as the iconic characters of the McDonald’s gang.

bm plushie

This year, Hello Kitty is back to please her Korean fans in adorable mascot costumes of her Sanrio friends.

If you’re in Korea, now’s your chance to grab these limited edition Hello Kitty plushies while stocks last (do note that each customer can only purchase two plushies at one go). By the looks of it, these plushies are probably flying off the counters since they’re so irresistibly cute!

hk pushies korea

Comicana Festival: Junko Mizuno Q&A in London! by Aisha Anime

junko foyles

FIne art and manga fans would have tracked done this intimate event arranged by Comica Festival at Foyles Charring Cross road. On Wednesday 22nd October 2014 for an hour and a half we listened to comics artist, publisher and curator Jason Atomic talk to Junko about her career.

Moving from Tokyo to San Francisco, Mizuno has become a global sensation, which was helped by endorsement from Jonathan Ross on his show Japanorama. We celebrated her signature 'creepy cute' blend of art and manga. Her dark-erotic re-tellings of familiar fairytales like Hansel and Gretel, Cinderalla gained her respect and she moved on to Music posters, music art, sculptures at the recent Hello Kitty catwalk and now has completed her EU revamp of her graphic novel Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu.

food junko

Part of Comica Festival 2014, Mizuno spoke with Jason Atomic about her dabbles in different projects. She despised her art being branded as 'grotesque kawaii' and was not afraid to move from manga to fine art and sculptures. Starting off at Japan's famous Comicket to being interviewed by Jonathan Ross she has come along way and eventually moved to the USA for more jobs.

The Q&A was opened up to the floor and the audience asked things like what is your favourite subject to draw and Junko explained food and when she was commissioned to do gig posters without a doubt she would add in food no matter the idea. Her art took up to three weeks but since she got bored easily she took breaks often, hid her work from sight so she always looked at it with fresh eyes. What was really inspiring was she spoke about what came to mind she drew to paper straight away there was never a plan of what she would draw. Whatever she began drawing she would add things along the way.

A great one off event worth the ticket price to meet one of the reasons I was drawn to Manga.

Follow Comica Festival for more events - http://www.comicafestival.com/

See Junko's  Art and projects - http://www.mizuno-junko.com/

~Aisha Anime~

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