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SFE is a collaboration between the various Lolita communities throughout Europe with the aim to work together, unite Lolitas within Europe and strengthen connections with Japan. Their first event, Enchanted, was hosted in London by the Tea Party Club, that already organized the Juliette et Justine tea party in 2012 and Frock on! in 2013. With more than 300 attendants Enchanted aimed to celebrate all Japanese street fashions and did so also by inviting guests from Japan: 

Minori, artist and model famous for her Shironuri style, Yuko Ashizawa, CEO and designer from Atelier Pierrot, famous gothic lolita brand, Hitomi Nomura, buyer and designer from Grimoire, Kunika Ono, sweet artists and Hirokawa Yumi, one of the founders of Uplift Tokyo, representing and selling from Japanese select shop Lorina Liddell

Minori and I doing Nyan nyan poses, cause we're kawaii liek that ^_^

Minori and I doing Nyan nyan poses, cause we're kawaii liek that ^_^

At the start we had about 30 minutes to mingle before the welcome talk and the amount of Lolita’s  that turned up was amazing. Also there was a vast array of styles something not often seen in the public. This was n event you could purchase online, not on the door and almost an exclusively female only event with a few boyfriends who all dressed up which was even better ! I even bumped into manga artist Sonia Leong sporting a beautiful corset part of a gothic ensemble.


Follow Sonia's art adventures on facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/sonia.leong.manga

Follow Sonia's art adventures on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/sonia.leong.manga

Once the welcomes were made we had time to catch browse the bring and buy sale and Lolita designers, spanning from the Uk to Sweden. Some to name:

cloudberry lady

Cloudberry Lady – professional Milliner, whose bonnets are so sought out they are now on sale in the Atelier Pierrot shop in Tokyo. Her designs have been worn by Midori Fukasawa on the runway and she also offers a new range of handmade shoes, besides original prints and headwear.

curse of cute

Curse of CuteSpecialising in alternative accessories, theatrical embellishments and handcrafted touches for your magical ensembles.Inspired by the wild streets of Tokyo, the lavish courts of Versailles and the Drag queens of Vegas. Expect strings of pearls and fistfuls of glitter.

lock shop wigs

Lockshop Wigs - Lockshop is a new wig brand and bring the best high quality, heat resistant wigs for Lolitas and Gyaru

stockingshock.co.uk - StockingShock is an British Gothic and Lolita brand, based in the English Midlands, everything made by Fuchsia.

femme jolie

Femme Jolie - Lolita Boutique – a Lolita boutique situated in South East London making their own garments and handmade head pieces including boats I saw people wearing at Enchanted!

ergi logo

Ergi.se - The basic concept of the brand is to combine new and old, to take the silhouettes and richness of details of the old and in a playful way make them into something new. Inspired by the Baroque era, Rococo, Japanese Gothic & Lolita, Victorian menswear, Alice in Wonderland, Airships... and Pirates!

Eva, designer of Ergi brand in the middle with two of her models.

Eva, designer of Ergi brand in the middle with two of her models.

(Please note if the website is not listed above then you can find them on face by searching the shop name.)

The fashion show showed a variety of styles and brands including two special pieces by Minori which were being auctioned at the event! A great investment for the ever changing Lolita with a want for brands hard to obtain in the UK. In between photoshoots in the courtyard the dessert buffet was ready and everyone indulged in some tasty cupcakes, mousse, cheesecake and more. Giving the ladies much needed energy to get through the raffle. One of the highly anticipated parts, where you could win a kawaii accessory, signed photo from Minori or a boutique item donated by the many kind sponsors. And there were many winners to get through!  There was also evening entertainment provided featuring classical musician and harp player Julia Mascetti and anime pop punk band Heroine Syndrome for everyone to jam to.

Moreover, Kawaii International, the famous TV program from NHK World, filmed the event and Enchanted will be on air 26 and 27 April ( watch it here ). The next event will be hold in a different country so follow their website for news about future events and announcements from the communities who are part of SFE.

This has been the first SFE I have attended and I hope to attend perhaps a Tea Party as I could not this time around, as the vibe would have been great to sit and find out the stories of the young ladies getting into Lolita fashion.

When Lolita fashion meet's anime - Jojo's bizarre adventure poses !

When Lolita fashion meet's anime - Jojo's bizarre adventure poses !

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