Hyper Japan Xmas Market 2015: Airly Momoko Interview by Aisha Anime

Copyright Airly Momoko

Copyright Airly Momoko

Hyper Japan not only provides guests but great people come to event to see the sights and entertainment. I came across a beautiful princess (who I thought was cosplaying) this was Airly Momoko who had come to Hyper Japan to promote the Edo anime 1803: Magical “Utsushi-e” stall.

“Utsushi-e” is a form of animation that first appeared over 200 years ago in Edo (Tokyo). While little more than a series of of glass slides set in front of a crude candle projector, the result was nevertheless a spectacle the likes of which the Japanese people had never seen before. Now, after more than 200 years since the first show was performed, HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market will play host to the UK’s very first performance of utsushi-e at the Live.Japan stage, performed by Minzawa.

Watch her interview below.


Airly Momoko is a Japanese idol who sings and models. She used to be known as gold Momoco.

The Momoco-Airly-France Was founded by a small group of fans Who cam to know the singer on the French TV channel Nolife, with the song Fuwa Fuwa Fuwaffu ~. They managed to gather Some funding for Airly to come to Japan Expo in Paris, the biggest convention Japan fans in Europe (230,000 visitors in 2013). Her website of the Association Momoco-Airly France is aimed to help organize concerts in Europe for Airly.

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Aisha Anime featured part of the Drahon Ball Z Uk cosplay group

Aisha Anime featured part of the Drahon Ball Z Uk cosplay group

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