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London Super Comic Con 2015 by Aisha Anime

London Super Comic Con has been the most understated UK convention in my opinion, with its debut in the  2012 - the convention focuses on U.S and European creators, exhibitors, publishers and dealers for comics, merchandise and now cosplay. It was only when cosplay sensation Yaya Han flew to the UK in 2014 to be judge of the Cosplay contest did the convention get a burst of new attendees.

2014 was my first LSCC and I was impressed by the number of comic guests that attended including the creators of The Walking Dead, Johnathan Ross, Yaya Han Riddle's Messy Closet. This year was no less and winners of the last LSCC cosplay contest returned as guests - Nikita and Annashella.


This years event had a variety of news things such as the Sy-Fy booth where you could get a 360 degree angle video of you in your cosplay for free! You got the video emailed to yourself and received a Sy-Fy tote bag and goodies including a book, dvd and sweets.

People had to get free tickets in order to see Johnathan Ross self proclaimed geek/otaku who was promoting his new comic book at the event. He happily chatted to his fans, signed items and posed for photos. In the queue with us to see him was Johnny Vegas, comedian and actor who came as an attendee with his son. Amongst Wossy you all had featured guest Sean Kelly alongside co stars from Storage Hunters there signing prints and taking selfies.

The great thing about LSCC was most of the guests were free to get autographs and photos with. There was a cosplay area where Yaya Han, Kamuii Cosplay, Laura Sindell, Tabatha Lyons from Artyfakes, and many more where situated so everything was laid out quite well. The press desk was made into the Daily Bugle building from Super Man - never were props thought out so well.

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Playstation 20th Pop up Store in London by Aisha Anime

The address of this store was hinted in a video as they were giving away PS4's for £19.99

The address of this store was hinted in a video as they were giving away PS4's for £19.99

Unlike in the US, Sony decided it didn't want to open online sales for the limited edition PlayStation 4. Instead, it put 94 consoles aside and invited hardcore gamers to camp outside the PlayStation '94 pop up  Store for a chance to purchase the limited edition console for just £19.94 (with all proceeds going to gaming charity GamesAid).

This wasn't just a walk in offer, people started queuing the night before at 6.30pm (I am told by one of the lucky owners) till the morning at around 11.30am they were let into the shop. The first 100 (but cut down to 94) where given wristbands and told before hand in a video to bring a retro piece of PS memorabilia with them - and utter the catch phrase hidden in the video: "I crashed my Bandicoot."

ps4 anniversary

Unless you lived locally in London and happen to have a free schedule, you wouldn't have been in the running. Sadly there were lots of touters there to sell on the consoles. Strangely Jonathan Ross was in the shop helping behind the till, I wonder if he got a free console as payment? 

Sony UK boss Fergal Gara has told Eurogamer that the company will sell more PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles online to UK customers from Monday, 15th December - at the normal price of £399 once this batch is sold there are no plans to make more.

Sony UK boss Fergal Gara was working in the shop wearing a shell suit alongside Jonathan Ross. Sony delivered some 'retro' food (Curly Wurlys, crisps, bananas) to the crowd. I just can't imagine how the crowd withstood the cold standing out the shop all night.

The shop was open for approximately a week and is now vacant, thank you Malcolm Critchell for the great photos ! Was it worth the wait, some say yes and others say Sony did not anticipate the popularity and did not cater to the tired, cold and hungry people instructed to stay in the queue or lose their PS4.... What do you think? Was it a great marketing tactic?

Aisha Anime

Photos by Malcolm Critchell

Photos by Malcolm Critchell

Belle: The Art of Junko Mizuno (London Exhibition) by Aisha Anime

jm belle poster

Atomica Gallery, in association with Comica Festival, present Belle: The Art of Junko Mizuno, a retrospective solo exhibition from celebrated Japanese artist Junko Mizuno. Bringing together a collection of original paintings, rare limited edition prints, iconic silk-screen gig posters and other works from throughout her career, Belle is the first ever showing of Mizuno’s work in London and a rare opportunity for British audiences to view and purchase work from the cult artist.

Born in Japan and currently residing in San Francisco, USA, Mizuno is a self-taught artist who is recognized for her unique style erotic female and food imagery. Juxtaposing childlike cuteness and horror,  in remales of Cindella, Hansel & Gretal...

swanns jm

An accomplished manga graphic novelist, Mizuno has published numerous books. She has created artwork for bands such as The Melvins, Faith No More and Mudhoney, designed vinyl figures for Kidrobot and animated the titles for Jonathan Ross’s BBC TV series Japanorama. She has previously exhibited in cities worldwide including Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin and Rome.

There were also some if her originals, prints and other items at the gallery for sale - of which three Jonathan Ross snapped up!

Atomica Gallery, 29 Shorts Gardens, was the prefect venue to house all Junko's beautiful pieces. Now Atomica Gallery has moved to Soho -

7 Greens Court
Soho, London, W1F 0HQ

Follow there website for more exhibitions there:

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