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What to Watch: Knights of Sidonia by shadebug

I worry about the effect that last year had on anime. Specifically I worry about the effect that Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan had on the fan base. It was a tidal wave of intensity and action but where do you go from there? What show matches up to that? 

What if I were to suggest SnK:AoT with robots in space?

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What to Watch: Sports, this season's 3 for 1 special by shadebug

It occurs to me that that title might sound like fighting talk round these parts. Let me explain.

Sports are boring, we know this. What we also know, however, is that sports can be immensely exciting when set to a movie or anime and this season has hit us with three stellar examples, all of which satisfy different itches. So let's see what you need scratching:

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What to Watch: Outbreak Company by shadebug

With all the options we have for streaming anime in the UK now you would think that there's no good show that could possibly slip through the cracks, right? Surely between AnimaxWakanim and Crunchyroll we would have everything worth watching covered. You know where this is going, let's talk about Outbreak Company.

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