TPub Launches a Kickstarter for new title 'Turncoat' by Aisha Anime

turncoat mock up

From the guys who brought you Twisted Dark, Tpub have launched a kickstarter to bring us a popular web comic to print called Turncoat

So What's it about?

Turncoat follows the story of Duke. Duke is the world's worst superhero assassin. He straight up sucks at killing superheroes. He always needs a supervillain partner to help him on his hits, he's constantly fending off his ex-wife-and-rival-assassin, Sharon, and the agency only ever seems to send him after d-list loser superheroes. But it's okay, Duke's gonna show everyone he's got what it takes by taking out the world's number one superhero team - The Liberty Brigade. You know...once he figures out how to.

See what you can earn from pledging to the kickstarter here:

The creators

Written by Tpub's Ryan O'Sullivan from London and drawn by Plaid Klaus from New York in 2014, they haven't met but the distance hasn't stopped an amazing partnership to bring this amazing story. Turncoat is a collection of the entire six-issue run of the popular webcomic of the same name ( 

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art examples

Support Shibai and Friends by Aisha Anime


An independent artist's project, who wants to bring her drawings to plush form! If you remember reading mabout my favourite stalls at BUCK 2014 they included a talented plush maker called Pulsefire Kitty, the same creator has ventured to do her own project.

Chrissy is an aspiring plushie maker and quite talented and successful, however a lot of her plushies require the man power to make such detailed beauties so she can only make so many in such time and at a high manual labour cost. 

Since of copyrights she can't mass produce HOWEVER this is different for her own characters, she has made a band of animals headed by the cute Inu Shibai. Shibai the dog, along with his friends, aim to fill the world with cute animal characters that will brighten up your day!

Support independant artists like Chrissie who is now trying to mass produce Shibai to give us her cute designs at an affordable price.

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Samurai Chef Volume 2 Kickstarter by Aisha Anime

samurai chef vol 2 kickstarter

Mayamada's new Kickstarter is up and doing really well. It reached its funding goal and also became a staff pick within 3 days!

Samurai Chef Volume 1 was released in 2013. 

A tasty mix of action, comedy and amazing culinary creations, the story follows a cooking show set in a fantasy television network with an all-animal cast. 

It all begins as a simple cooking competition, but becomes something else when the food is turned into food monsters.

sm monkey kickstarter

In Samurai Chef Volume 2 more elite chefs have joined the battle with their own food monsters cooked to perfection. Is the Samurai Chef ready for the fight to come?

Our goal is to raise funds to cover printing costs for the combined edition of Samurai Chef containing volumes 1 and 2. This will be released in November 2014.

The book will be a 150-page graphic novel printed on high quality paper with a beautiful 300GSM silk stock cover and a perfect bound spine.

The book will be released in November 

new char mary samurai chef kickstarter