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After much debating I made 2014 the year of outside London conventions, following a successful Buck who’s Cosplay competition and gaming area was run by Anime League I thought it was time to see what the Leicester counterpart of London Anime Con was about. Based in the halls and De Montfort University grounds it was like occupying our own town.

Alcon fit in 1,400 people who enjoyed anime screenings, movies, panels, voice actors, merchandise and workshops for four days. 4th to 7th September, Leicester was taken over by con goers not students. Tickets were completely sold out and accommodation full to the brim.

I saw a bunch of familiar faces from the LAC and lots of returning staff rearing to get things done with a smile. Accommodation was pretty comfortable in the student halls, clean suitable big and with the few lock issues everything was fixed promptly by the in house university staff. Con goers were welcome to congregate in the hall grounds or at the convention main building where the bar was open till late and often ran out of alcohol, you would think a uni bar would be more prepared?


The event itself was a pleasant experience the new system included VIP tickets where the ticket holders could go to exclusive meet and greets with the guests such as voice actress Trina (voice of Mikasa, Attack on Titan), the Abdridgers, Megran would be able to talk intimately to the con goers.

Alcon also arranged the Abridgers meal which again entitled people who paid extra the chance to eat a great buffet meal with voice actors from their favourite fan dubs including Little Kuriboh who came from America. The abridger guests vary from year to year on who you can meet and great way to meet fellow fans or writers/VO’s in training. It was a pleasure to have met so many talented people (not including the Abridgers), all of this was not possible without the help of Alcon, something I have not seen at other conventions.

the abridgers

It was an absolute thrill to see Beckii Cruel perform in person on an intimate stage and talk about her new fashion line in her Q&A, where people got to know what she up to since her last single. Other panels included the A-Z of idols that was an insight into what was trending, the do’s and dont’s of idols and even the hardcore fan dances which were allowed or illegal. Panels had first few rows reserved for VIP ticket holders.

beckii cruel

The highlight without a doubt was Trina Nishimura, best known as co-lead-protagonist Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kojin) where she poured her heart out in the Q&A’s about how important the anime series was in showing people we don’t have real ‘titan’s destroying our towns and lives. We deal with our own person ‘titans’ everyday and beating them is a no lesser victory. Giving advice to fellow voice actor’s in the audience too and telling us her favourite character – Armin of course and being a pleasure to talk to outside in the signing or in the general building.

group attack on titan trina

A new sensation for me was watching the epic Megaran perform some raps to video game music, the guy talked of his fame spreading to Capcom the company and being contacted to work on projects. This guy had bags of enthusiasm and happily stopped for photos and laughs with fans.

Londoner Chiquitita Cosplay hosted a make your own cat ears workshop for people wanting to learn about basic Cosplay, where you leave with your own pair, this was free and part of your ticket – however workshops filled up fast so held on first come first served basis.

andy valentine workshop

They had a great range of stalls from top quality figures at Kamikaze who sell often at events and online. However it’s not all Otaku based merchandise you had Angel’s Cave where owner’s custom make dolls and clothing for all your moe needs. With great selection of plushies from Cartoon Passion including Japan only Pokemon plushies on sale.

The nightlife was never ending from themed music on each nights and famous balls where everyone got dressed fancy even wearing masks and the guests were there too mingling with the crowd and I even got stopped and complimented by Brentalfloss. It was all closely monitored by staff and security. Cosplay portraits even provided a free photo at the ball for attendees.

Follow on Twitter: @Angels-cave

Follow on Twitter: @Angels-cave

Alcon also raised a lot of money for charity being divided between Wishable and Epilepsy Action items auctioned included a huge hamper of baked anime goodies from The 3 Baker Tiers which raised over £100! An art book, Japanese plushies from Cartoon Passion, lots of merchandise from chain store Forbidden Planet.

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Camcon 2014 by Aisha Anime

camcon cosplay

Camcon stands for ‘Cambridge Convention’ this is one of the smaller cons which is totally independent and run by Ziggy, Andy, Ian and a few more people who get together to pull off a con to showcase Cambridge's finest merchants, artist and aswell as Londoners. This is the first Camcon I have attended and it’s a one day event with parties beginning the Friday night before. Hosted by the Junction an arts and music venue in Cambridge, it has a really student feel as it is situated in the Cambridge Leisure Park Complex with lots of food options at your feet. The event also sold out before the day so house over 2,000 people.

One of the most highly anticipated events was the Cosplay masquerade where people got on stage and performed skits and the room it was housed in was a large lecture hall, the room was brimming with people taking up all the seats and standing.

minty kitty cc

Also in the same room were the panels I particularly enjoyed finding out about getting geek culture into the media from the ‘Let The Geek Out’ which is a radio show, the only FM radio show that broadcasts about geek-culture exclusively and music and the hosts talked about it followed by a Q&A. Loved learning about the opportunities due to my own podcast Otaku Nation.

himezawa stage cc

The dealers rooms were split into two, one outside in a marquee and the second was the main stage area, where you had the auction happening on stage whilst you shopped around at Niche Comics for manga (i picked myself up a bargain Moomin plushie) or got a self portrait from Clover Lee, artist.

In the evening there was an hour where attendees left the building so sellers could pack up then the shopping area became a nice vast space area for people to watch and dance. Saw the performer Himezawa on stage dancing to Kyari Pamyu Pamyu and anime tracks, she debuted in the UK at London Anime Con talking about her cosplays and time at ECG.  She announced on stage she will be going to Japan in Oct to pursue a modelling career.


After a questionable comedian who said an array of sexist and racist comments boiling the blood of attendees near me was glad to have seen lab coat clad ‘All We Earthlings’ (alternative rock band) who formed in 2011 and performed previously at Comcon. They had a great rock vibe to them and lead vocals were superb. Definitely check this guys out ! Upstairs was another private bar where the karaoke was being held you could belt your heart out on some 80’s pop or metal classics in groups or solo. Lots of people were queuing up to have a go (all free of course).

A great day for anime fans or just a family day out it was all family friendly, people were more than willing to stop and pose for Cosplay photos. Staff and volunteers were very helpful and the organisation was spot on. Only thing is we need a even bigger room for the Cosplay masquerade! Find more photos of the event in my album

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Lagc Summer edition 2014 by Aisha Anime

Coplay guest do a panel on stage updates at the Rocket Complx

Coplay guest do a panel on stage updates at the Rocket Complx

July has become the con month with back to back events and with people saving up to come down to London for the weekend, often a choice has to be made between which to attend out of a few. If you missed out on LAGC let me fill you in on all the fun opportunities you missed out on !

The biggest highlight was having Maggie Blue O' Hara join the event from Singapore. Anime fans would know her as the voice of Bulma from Dragon Ball, Maddision for Cardcaptors of Kitty Pride from X-men Evolution. Maggie joined LAGC everyday with her Q&A, signing and walking around the convention. Fancy doing some Kareoke with your favourite childhood character? Thi9s was Maggie's first even convention and she was not shying away from people, this all happenened, attendees got to talk and get even dancing tips with Maggie. 

me and maggie lagc 14

If gaming is your thing then going to the 16 Bit King's area to check out Indie Dev games or the tourneys was a must have experience. I was suprised to see my very owbn friends win prizes from Turtle Beach headsets to cash prizes in League of Legend, Smash, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Yu Gi Oh.

cosplay gaming

Cosplay is one of my favourite past times and apart from casual cosplay and photoshoots from aspiring photographers to experienced cosplay videographers a new addition tot he schedule was Celebrity photoshoot. Any characters from Maggie's anime rooster were invited to take professiona; photos with her for promotional use and even for Maggie to keep. A great souvenir for all the hardcore fans, I think Chiquitita Cosplay dressed as Bunny girl Bulma (her favourite character) would agree!

Dragon Ball z Cosplay

Dragon Ball z Cosplay

Some great additions to the merchandise stalls was selling pa vast array of plushies from promotional Chappa Chupps Choopers to a rare Toadsworth dolls. They also had a range of jewelry and game/anime mercehndise. The staff were selling the items at bargain prices on sunday night. 

Crafty Fox sold handmade retro pillow covers including soot ball from My Neighbour Totoro and retro My Little Pony! Why not make your house decor as kawaii as your clothing? Check out her stuff on etsy:

The Kawaii Kollective was there repping the Alpaca love and some even wore Vivi hats from league of Legends. The lady running it knows how to mesh the cute and geeky together. get your mini alpacas online:

Canime returned with some more amazing canvases, they also came prepared with some Dragon Ball designs with lots of customers bought to be signed by Maggie O Hara, even Maggie had a look at the stall. Feel free to send your own photos or designs for a custom canvas at competitive prices.

This has been the best LAGC I have attended so far, the stall had great merch, the stage was always busy and there was a great atmosphere. I wish i didn't have work on Monday so i could've stayed longer !

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