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Lagc Summer edition 2014 by Aisha Anime

Coplay guest do a panel on stage updates at the Rocket Complx

Coplay guest do a panel on stage updates at the Rocket Complx

July has become the con month with back to back events and with people saving up to come down to London for the weekend, often a choice has to be made between which to attend out of a few. If you missed out on LAGC let me fill you in on all the fun opportunities you missed out on !

The biggest highlight was having Maggie Blue O' Hara join the event from Singapore. Anime fans would know her as the voice of Bulma from Dragon Ball, Maddision for Cardcaptors of Kitty Pride from X-men Evolution. Maggie joined LAGC everyday with her Q&A, signing and walking around the convention. Fancy doing some Kareoke with your favourite childhood character? Thi9s was Maggie's first even convention and she was not shying away from people, this all happenened, attendees got to talk and get even dancing tips with Maggie. 

me and maggie lagc 14

If gaming is your thing then going to the 16 Bit King's area to check out Indie Dev games or the tourneys was a must have experience. I was suprised to see my very owbn friends win prizes from Turtle Beach headsets to cash prizes in League of Legend, Smash, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Yu Gi Oh.

cosplay gaming

Cosplay is one of my favourite past times and apart from casual cosplay and photoshoots from aspiring photographers to experienced cosplay videographers a new addition tot he schedule was Celebrity photoshoot. Any characters from Maggie's anime rooster were invited to take professiona; photos with her for promotional use and even for Maggie to keep. A great souvenir for all the hardcore fans, I think Chiquitita Cosplay dressed as Bunny girl Bulma (her favourite character) would agree!

Dragon Ball z Cosplay

Dragon Ball z Cosplay

Some great additions to the merchandise stalls was cartoonpassion.com selling pa vast array of plushies from promotional Chappa Chupps Choopers to a rare Toadsworth dolls. They also had a range of jewelry and game/anime mercehndise. The staff were selling the items at bargain prices on sunday night. 

Crafty Fox sold handmade retro pillow covers including soot ball from My Neighbour Totoro and retro My Little Pony! Why not make your house decor as kawaii as your clothing? Check out her stuff on etsy:


The Kawaii Kollective was there repping the Alpaca love and some even wore Vivi hats from league of Legends. The lady running it knows how to mesh the cute and geeky together. get your mini alpacas online:


Canime returned with some more amazing canvases, they also came prepared with some Dragon Ball designs with lots of customers bought to be signed by Maggie O Hara, even Maggie had a look at the stall. Feel free to send your own photos or designs for a custom canvas at competitive prices.


This has been the best LAGC I have attended so far, the stall had great merch, the stage was always busy and there was a great atmosphere. I wish i didn't have work on Monday so i could've stayed longer !

For more photos go to Aisha Anime's page.
For more details on the next LAGC or Al-con in September go here: 



canime canvases

Kawaii Korner: Fuzzy moon by Aisha Anime

fuxxy moon logo

Recently I won a giant giveaway from Kawaii B an online community who promote independant handmade brands and they all get together to share their photos and products to the world. One of the contributors was Fuzzy Moon. Which included a plastic sparkly bracelet, robot brooch and fluffy cat ears.

Who are the ppl behind Fuzzy Moon?

Photo of Aisha Anime and Jojo from Fuzzy Moon - photo credit to @leagueofextradinarycosplay :D

Photo of Aisha Anime and Jojo from Fuzzy Moon - photo credit to @leagueofextradinarycosplay :D

A  small team of two people: Joana Neto, Brand owner Jordan Terry, Co-owner and partner. For many years, Jojo dreamt of giving people fashion but in lower prices. She never had a fixed genre in mind  as mainstream fashion didn't feel expressive enough. After some of her love of Japan entered the internet and researched Japanese fashion, Fairy Kei and Mahou kei sprung to mind, and she loved how diverse it can be! Diverse, unique with a hint of DIY which shows so much character.

A great advantage was Jojo studied fashion in college, nothing too in detail, just some techniques and projects. She gained confidence to experiment much more in the field with the knowledge she learned. Other than that, its purely a hobby, which they decided to take further and share with everyone who loves the fashion

How did you come up with the name?

"The sparkles of the fashion styles reminds me of the sky and how comfortable everything seemed. That's where the Fuzzy (comfortable feeling) Moon (beautiful stars and galaxies) came from. My items are inspired by dreams, self expression, and magical girls!"

All her items are in fact handmade  even as far as to making mould and such. This gal is hardcore and not afraid of experimenting! Based in the UK, I met up with her at MCM and wore a few of her items on the Catwalk for the Harajuku Fashion show.

Since they are new, starting last year in December "we still are a little baby in this world. But we plan to go to as many conventions as possible."

Top Picks

Eyebow hair clips,

eyeball clips

The eye colours are available in Yellow, blue (two shades), green and brown (two shades). These have so many variations possible, and I really want to explore this design later down the line =) These are actually hair clips but I used it to jazz up my shoes instead - very versatile accessories and very trendy due to the Kyari Pamyu Pamyu faze. $12

Star love necklace

shooting star necklace

Hi magical fairies =). Welcome to the wonderland of Fuzzy Moon, where you can find unique designs for your fairy needs.

Every item is unique, as they are all hand made: colours might be slightly different.All items are crafted in the UK, with love, magic, glitter and fairy dust. All products are made to order, unless otherwise stated. £13

Shooting star bracelets

shooting star bracelet

Every item is unique, as they are all hand made: colours might be slightly different.All items are crafted in the UK, with lovemagic, glitter and fairy dust. All products are made to order, unless otherwise stated. $3.30

Currently working on some new word necklaces and also designing some clothing, watch this space for more updates - 





Lastly what does it mean to you to be part of the Kawaii B community?

Its an honour to be part of the community. Everybody is super friendly too. To gather everyone with the same interests and to help each other when needed for anything, is also what is behind our brand: to offer something unique at a low price so anyone can get anything super cute.

Find more the contributors features on Ukanifest from the Kawaii B collective.

Website - http://www.kawaiib.co.uk/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kawaiibuk


Photo of Aisha Anime & Jojo from Fuzzy Moon by League Of Extraordinary Cosplayers