HYPER JAPAN - J-STYLE Photobook Vol.1 available till Dec 15th by Aisha Anime

hj photobook vol 1

The ultimate collection of HYPER JAPAN fashion and cosplay is now available online! HYPER JAPAN’s first ever photobook “J-STYLE”, which showcases the outstanding quality of cosplay and Japanese fashion worn by hundreds of our visitors, is now available at our HJ online shop
 This photobook provides a unique opportunity for devotees of Japanese fashion as well as avid cosplayers to see themselves and their friends immortalized in print, while casual readers can marvel at the stunning ensembles and get inspired to join in the J-style movement! Collated by a team of photographers and editors at our summer 2014 event, J-STYLE’s hundreds of colour photos exhibit 10 different Japanese fashion genres ranging from “Sweet Lolita” to “Fairy Kei” and “Gyaru”, along with a diverse cross-section of cosplay from dozens of different anime, films and games.

Aisha Anime featured part of the Drahon Ball Z Uk cosplay group

Aisha Anime featured part of the Drahon Ball Z Uk cosplay group

In addition, short introductions to the history of Japanese fashion and cosplay within the UK provide a handy backdrop for readers unaccustomed to these niche scenes. J-STYLE Vol.1 gives a valuable insight into Japanese fashion and culture, whilst also being an official space for this coolest of communities to proudly display their well-coordinated ensembles. This visually stunning photobook will be available at a special price of £5 when purchased before the 15th of December at our online shop ( 

~Aisha Anime~

Notes to Editors

J-Style vol.1 (2014) – A5 size / 100 colour pages
Available at £5 (including delivery) at HJ online shop until 15th December 

Japan Day 2014 by Aisha Anime

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After much pony loving at Buck 2014, Manchester is the place to be and Bank holiday Monday at the Midland's Hotel was home to Japan Day this year. This event was completely free and hosted by Japan North West society with help with the London Japan Society.

Upon walking inside you were greeted by the bright lights and amazing tree in the middle of the foyer creating a great backdrops for photos. The staff at the Midland's hotel were exceedingly helpful and even took some coats into their cloakroom to help the cosplayers. 


Upon passing the info desk and cosplay registration, past that takes you to the martial arts demonstration room, where a heated kendo match ensued, with tables at the back laden with different types of weapon and armour for people to look at. Shortly after an authentic tea ceremony took place. Where a audience member sat and received tea made in a stylish and methodical way. You would have to wait a while for this cuppa ! Six lucky members also got to partake in the ceremony for only £2 per person.


We also had the lucky opportunity to listen to Rakugo Comic Storytelling by Katsura Sunshine. A 400-year-old tradition of comic storytelling told my Canadian comedian in a Kimono kneeling on a cushion who literally converses with himself. What really struck me was he was teaching us about Japanese etiquette at the same time. There wasn't a single member of the audience who was not laughing. Mr Sunshine will be touring the UK check out  his page for more info:


If you ventured to the right of the main hall you would find the dealers room where a huge array of Japanese merchandise was on offer from cosplay outfits and Japanese fashion from Manchester's store Tokyo Royale to traditional Geisha head pieces from Kikuya Kanzashi.

There was also an abundance to art - especially from deviant art artist Kidura who was donating all her profits to charity, a Japanese manga artist was showcasing her art, Japanese Railway Society, Northern To-ken and the Ningyo (dolls) were bewitching making me reminisce of my JRPG survival games. If you also wanted to you could try on a Japanese Kimono for free and wear it throughout the day.

A lot of people simply came to watch the Cosplay contest where a lot of entries graced the stage with their outfits and personality. Third place came Haku from Spirited Away, then the L and Light duo and first place was Lightening from Final Fantasy. All of them looked great and Totoro and the Wolf man got honorable mentions.

We also got to watch some authentic Japanese lottery where Mr Sunshine picked out the raffle winners of free sushi, tea set, picnic hamper and more. Straight after was the really energetic Taiko drummers. If you were interested in the cuisine you had a choice of curry rolls (Japanese equivalent to Pasties), noodle, rice and pastries fro the Sweet Cup Cake maid cafe.

~Aisha Anime~

tea ceremony

J-Fashion Bring & Buy sale hits Shorditch by Aisha Anime

Bring And Buy Bunting :-D

Bring And Buy Bunting :-D

Since the movement of Lolita & J-fashion movement transcended the exclusive events we've had an array of small meets develop into a larger scale of events. Since the larger events need more time and organisation  to prepare a few bunch of ladies every so often host small meets. One of which Felicity Clifton & Roxie Sweet Heart (designer) hosted recently.

On 8th August a bunch of us (me included) came early to Bethnal Green's the Working Men's club hall to set up for the super kawaii event. Unknown to us we would walk into a hall with a stage and light up heart background, perfect for all your Lolita group photos !

£8 sellers communial stalls by clothing type; £2 shoppers (on the door on the day/paypal transfer); £15 small businesses 1/2 table.

Small of the stall holders that attended:

Stall holders with dedicated space...

Reines de Mignon
Aisha Anime
Fuzzy Moon
Let's go fairily
Tiny Circus Crafts

After assembling the rails and making the tables pretty, we were good to open to the public. We had a vast array of clothing grouped by style - Lolita dresses, skirts, visual kei, cute tops, cut sews, Gothic and more. Accessories included wigs, jewelry, designer bags, braces, makeup, shoes and even corsets! 

There was also ample room to grab lunch and eat inside the venue or purchase some Pimms from the bar. A simply lovely day out to buy and mingle.

View the photos here

Group photo from Felicity

Group photo from Felicity