Aisha visits the Cereal Killer Cafe and survives ! by Aisha Anime

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How much: small - cereal - £2.50, Medium £3.00 and large £3.50 (basic milk included)
The Cereal Killer Cafe run by brothers Alan & Gary Geery, follows a line of pop up shops that specialise in niche things like maid cafe, butler cafe, Lady Dinah's Cat cafe and more. This is the UKs first speciality Cereal Cafe, they are obsessed with everything cereal related and even sell memorabilia.

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In total they sell over 120 different types of cereal from around the world, To create the perfect bowl of cereal you can choose from 30 different varieties of milk and 20 different toppings from candy sprinkles to fresh fruit. The bowls come in one size but you have an option of three portions of cereal, if you select medium or large you are welcome to mix different types of cereal together.

The cereals are split into two sections American and British brands so you can indulge in the acclaimed Lucky Charms only available in the USA or seasonal ones which will be available stills tocks last or go for good old fashioned Kellog's Frosties if your not feeling adventurous.

League of Extraordinary Cosplayers ate strawberry flavoured ghosts mixed with another fruity brand

League of Extraordinary Cosplayers ate strawberry flavoured ghosts mixed with another fruity brand

This place is a great alternative for coffee and dessert  lovers as it serves hot drinks and pop tarts too. A great way to spend breakfast, lunch or dinner in the nostalgic cafe displaying hundreds of pieces of memorabilia displayed from the 80s and 90s. The only draw back is the dim lighting for evenings as me and my friends attended at 9pm.

Also people with special dietary requirements can eat with ease with a basic option of skimmed, semi skimmed and whole milk included or upgrade to soya, oat, alpro, rice for an extra 0.40p

My choice of the evening was Reese's Peanut butter puffs with semi skimmed milked topped with coconut syrup. It suprisingly was not sickeningly sweet. The coconut syrup is a great alternative to sugar or honey which dilutes in the milk. 

Press about this cafe has been mixed and I think after visiting you realise it is a place to socialise and snack like a n alternative to a coffee shop. It is not something you may do everyday (or you may if your bonkers about cereal). Great place to shake up your routine and enjoy the surroundings of bricklane. You can also hire the venue for events!  ~Aisha Anime~

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Pokemon Tour in London by Aisha Anime

pikachu and matsuma and ohisone

A few days ago there was a“Pokémon Premiere” to showcase the whole brand and as a launch event for the 2 new games, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire on Nov 30th.

Nintendo brough 6 game pods showing ORAS at the event, plus some of their Pokémon experts on hand to answer any questions or help play the game. 

Ohmori San and Masuda san were also present fo0r photos and autographs at the event with an extremely energetic Pikachu mascot. The event was limited to a small number of people at a Pprivate hotel in the Westend.

Okinawa Day 2014 by Aisha Anime

Flyers of the event

Flyers of the event

A friend of mine asked me if I was free 21st June to go to Okinawa day. this was something I had never heard of of. Okinawa is a prefecture made up of thousands of islands, south of Kyushu. The largest Island is named Okinawa Shima, or Okinawa Island, the mission of Okinawa Association U.K and London Okinawa Sanshinkai who organise the event is to promote Okinawan culture further in the U.K in order to strengthen our existing relationship between the U.K and Okinawa.

This event has occurred annually since 2009 in the Uk and they hope to strengthen the relationship between the UK and Okinawa through the annual events. They also encourage more and more U.K audiences to participate in future Okinawa related events and to create an Okinawa cultural hub in the UK. 

This particular Okinawa day is before the 23rd June which is a memorial day in Okinawa to commemorate the final battle day where more than 200.000 lives were lost at the end of WWll. 

Okinawa Day was held outside at Spittlefield market in London to celebrate Okinawan culture with a variety of events. They demonstrate the spirit of Uta-no-hi (A day of Songs) started in Okinawa in 2001 by BEGIN, a popular blues band. Uta-no-hi's purpose is to appreciate and celebrate Uta (Songs) which bring joy to their lives as well as to help overcome the hardships of life. 

kids dance at okinawa day

We had a great demonstration of Okinawan dancing with drummers and they even did a workshop to show audience members how to do the dance and drum.It was great to see a huge range of people in the audience from young children to the older generation coming to learn and immerse themselves in the culture

So we had a variety of singers perform folk songs, Jpop songs and had a great ensemble with Hide the Guitar player with Hibiki the top Shamishen player in the UK and Akari singing her harmonious melodies.

We also had some live Karete demonstrations which showed stances with different weapons and also a display of strength with the demonstrators withstanding bamboo sticks.

Hide, Akari and Hibiki

Hide, Akari and Hibiki

Amongst the entertainment they also had delicious food on sale including Nice Ice - perfect for the hot weather, Taponyaki (octopus balls) and even a Tea ceremony demonstration for people to participate it. 

Alongside the food they had lots of stalls selling merchandise including key rings, fans, plushes, flower headbands and a few travel agents including Japan Journey's offering bespoke holidays to suit your interests at reasonable prices. Why not indulge in a manga orientated tour ? Go to for more information on planning your perfect Japanese holiday.

Poppy Daisy Handmade Flower Headbands 

Poppy Daisy Handmade Flower Headbands 

Poppy Daisy Handmade Flower Headbands happened to have been set up in the area where lots of ladies and children jumped at the chance to adorn their heads in flowers. She sold flower headbands, clips anything to do with flowers. Selling them for six years, the owner is from Sweden, where it is traditional to use flowers in celebrations. Buy some of her creations online from  as well as popping into Spittlefield market on a Saturday.

It was a great family day out and entry was free!

~Aisha Anime ~

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