Crunchyroll streaming Akagi? Excuse me while I change my pants by shadebug


Have you seen Kaiji? It's this ridiculous anime where the ultimate gamblers meet to gamble their way out of their gambling debts with increasingly ridiculous and increasingly extreme games, starting with extreme rock, paper, scissors. I've already said too much but it may well be the most over the top anime of all time and certainly the most suspenseful.

Except for Akagi

Akagi was made before Kaiji by the same author and was instead based around Mahjong. You know Mahjong, right? That tile game your grandma plays on her iPad. Turns out, no. Mahjong's actually a crazy complicated game that makes no sense. What that means is that it's the perfect game for making ridiculous anime where new rules and tactics appear out of nowhere in a way that would make Yu-Gi-Oh's writers stop and wonder if maybe they were straining the bounds of believability.

If you were looking for something balls out awesome to watch, this is it. Go watch it because Crunchy Roll have just uploaded the entire series for your viewing pleasure (if you're a premium member; regulars will have to watch it a few episodes at a time as they unlock week by week). Don't worry, we'll still be here when you get back. 

While you do that, I'm off to see what else is on.