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Gamerdisco ft Madkatz by Aisha Anime


Gamerdisco are back and collaborating with MadKatz this time to bring you a fun night out with lots of opportunities to win stuff.

GamerDisco, the home of Smash Bros present a super special May event..... more details tba but expect- Smash Smash Brothers tournament on the big didn't happen !  However they did have Super Mario Kart SNES tournament with the Uk's reigning Champion Sami Cetin attending. Finals against the big man himself.

The casuals  for Street Fighter IV turned into training  for the SFIV Arcade Edition tournament. We saw a few female entries this time round and even the reisdent DJ JET SET RORY compete. MEGA MADCATZ prizes for all competition winners.

A night for casual button bashers, seasoned gamers, chiptune lovers, social drinkers and whoever. I even saw some blokes exchanging PSN ID's and Xbox tags. With a full licensed bar, you can indulge in a cocktail while you watch your buddy get thrashed in a tournament. 

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With music from-

DJ JET SET RORY- Chiptune, Gaming Themes, Jpop, Electro, We even had remixes of Pharell - Happy !

GamerDisco DJs - busting out some classic gaming themes, 8 bit, nerdcore, 80's 90's tunes and more!

To celebrate the release of Mario Kart 8 GamerDisco are going Mario Kart mad for June! Their next event will be Wednesday, June 4th at 7:45pm.

This is free event, check out the facebook page for their regular events at the Book Club near Liverpool Street.