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Mark Green's New Comic - Jinhai's Justice by Aisha Anime

mark green comic

Jinhai's Justice - the comic (Grey Faction OVA) is set to be released this march (2015) on Amazon, barnes & noble, and selected stores.

Mark will also be selling this original comic at MCM London, be sure to stop by the comic village section to purchase a signed copy. Below you'll find an early preview of the comic. Enjoy.
To preorder this comic, send £10 via paypal to with the title of the comic, please include your name and posting address in the comments section on 

Mark Green's novel: GREY FACTION, IS TO BE MADE A MAINSTEAM NOVEL, AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE FROM 500 DIFFERENT RETAILERS! (about time!) From all the conventions he has attended selling his book it is great to see it being reinvented and people realising the potential. 

Available to buy from: