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Monster Hunter Special Event & competition ! by Aisha Anime

mh4u event

Capcom hosted a community event in anticipation for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate game release. They invited only 100 lucky people to the office who all received an exclusive demo code for the game and a chance to meet the Executive Producer and Series Director in the flesh!

After much excitement in the queue we were all ticked off the VIP list and escorted to the plush offices.  We were given a code each and the wifi code to download. Though the event was chilled so you could do what you want - play the demo, play MH3 with others, streetpass or mingle with fellow hunters from around the UK. I spoke to one person who got a hotel in the area and travelled especially from Newport for the event.

With guest like 
Ryozo Tsujimoto (Executive Producer) AND Kaname Fujioka (Series Director) accompanied by a massive Cat warrior who could blame the guy. People got their prized possessions signed including an unusual MH hip flask.

Since I was enjoying my self so much i forgot to check my download and I managed to not go through. So I've decided to give it away and the kind Capcom Uk team have given me a new one and are are happy for me to give my other one to one of you lucky fans ^^

Go to my MH blog post /or facebook for more details

Below is the talented cosplayer - Aurore cosplays

Auraura cosplay