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So you think you can write? by UKAnifest


Hi Civilians,  

 We want to know if you think you are capable to write for us over at UKAnifest! If you think you can write about anything Asian related and be part of our community then send us your submissions and we will feature them on our website and send you a prize!

 All you have to do is send us a 50-100 word piece on anything anime, film or book related. The piece needs to be of an Asian twist and needs to have pictures attached! 

Happy writing.... 

Tobika ^_*

Info: One (1) submission per person. Winner will receive a prize that consists of a DVD / T-Shirt. Winner will also have to commit to writing on UKAnifest for up to a year exclusively. Please send submissions via email to

Konichiwa UK! by Gabe Canada


My name is Gabrial Canada. I am a card carying mutant from Indianapolis Indiana. I even wrote an article about it. Say it loud I'm mutant and proud (LINK). It details my genetic condition known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or more commonly as being double jointed.

I got interested in Anime at an early age creeping out of bed as early as four thirty just to watch a block of cartoon programing that included Dragonball, Ronin Warriors, Tekaman Blade, and the henshin spoofing Samurai Pizza Cats. How could a young easily influenced mind not fall in love with anime after exposure to all of that nineties insanity!

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