Bandai Namco Bring Biggest Games Stand to London MCM this weekend by Aisha Anime

Aisha Anime with Hideo Baba at Bandai Namco HQ i Japan

Aisha Anime with Hideo Baba at Bandai Namco HQ i Japan

BANDAI NAMCO Games UK will present its biggest and most ambitious stand to date at MCM this October showcasing an incredible line-up of unmissable games, including a first consumer hands-on with DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE on new-gen consoles, Project CARS, ADVENTURE TIME: THE SECRET OF THE NAMELESS KINGDOM and show favourites, TALES OF HEARTSTM R and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN ULTIMATE NINJA STORM REVOLUTION.

Full line-up of games:



·         PROJECT CARS




·         TALES OF XILLIA 2


BANDAI NAMCO Games are privileged to have attendance from Tales series producer, Hideo Baba, DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE development studio, DIMPS: Development Producer Masahiro Kashino and Technical Director Hiroshi Waki. A rare public showing by DARK SOULS II developer FromSoftware, Line Producer Yuzo Kojima and Game Director Yui Tanimura will be made only on Saturday 25th October.                      

Signing sessions for Masahiro Kashino for DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE and Hideo Baba for the TALES OF Series will take place on the BANDAI NAMCO Games stand on Saturday 25th October from 1:00pm and 4:00 for one hour each. For attendees going on Sunday 25th October, signing sessions are available from 11:00am and 2:00pm. Anyone that appears in cosplay as a character from either the Tales Of series or the DRAGON BALL series during the signing sessions will get their photo taken and a thank you gift. Signings with Yuzo Kojima and Yui Tanimura will take place Saturday 11:00am-1:00pm on the BANDAI NAMCO Games stand.

Furthermore, for the first time at MCM, BANDAI toys will be joining the BANDAI NAMCO Games stand where they will be showcasing products from the exciting new construction concept Sprukits, the Legacy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers collection and the upcoming Disney movie Big Hero 6.

Bandai are excited to be showcasing upcoming collector and toy lines at Comic-Con this year and are really looking forward to working with BANDAI NAMCO Games on our first major UK show collaboration” said Chris Pearce, Product Manager for Bandai.

"We are very pleased to be showcasing our brilliant games alongside Bandai at MCM London Comic Con” Lee Kirton, PR & Marketing Director for BANDAI NAMCO Games UK. “We have some of the most diverse and exciting games for fans of all ages and genres and we are pleased to continue supporting this great show. Dreams, Fun and Inspiration"

October will also see the return of the official BANDAI NAMCO Games Store, with special show-exclusive offers on games and merchandise, including a super-limited edition PAC-MANTM and Tales Of T-shirt. A PAC-MANTM ghost plush will be offered to the first 50 purchasers each day, it is highly recommended to go to the BANDAI NAMCO Games stand as early as possible to take advantage of these great offers.

Bandai Namco TGS Preview by Aisha Anime

tales of zestiria logo

Knowing that the Tokyo Game Show was going to be packed with press as well as normal attendees Bandai Namco thought out a great way so we could all get a chance on their hot new games. They invited me to play them in the privacy of their impressive offices with the producers and developers on hand to answer any questions.

bn hq japan

Upon entering the autumn themed HQ with chairs, fruit, Gundams adorning the site, we followed the trail upstairs past all the merchandise in cabinets including Tekken, Love Idol, Tales of, Pac man and drum game kits. You could also play with their many pods which had cameras and motion sensors to make shades appear on your face or you could make the appearing fish move away from you.

All the press were designated a team leader we had Dennis from America who helped where possible to explain the games to us and take us to the talks.

Digimon     All Stars Rumble

Digimon All Stars Rumble

It was exciting to be trying out Digimon All Stars Rumble  before anyone else in the UK, having such nostalgia for the game, it was a shock to see how serious it was. The game was a full fighting game with room to digivolve and use super moves. You could also collect items that randomly appeared after a timer in the fighting area to either target bombs at your competitor, or reverse their evolution and you digivolve instead. It was fast paced and easy to pick up.

Tales of Zestiria   

Tales of Zestiria 

Tales of Zestiria was the game everyone huddled around constantly, the game had two demo modes available to try out one was to demonstrate the CGI where you could feast your eyes on Square’s top notch graphics and get a glimpse of all the new characters. We all wanted to try out the battle mode which showed some significant changes such as seamless integration from cut scene to fighting stance. No loading time at all, before selecting your move.  We got to hear a presentation by Hideo Baba who announced the great news that by great demand of the fans he will be making all future games dual audio so we will get the option of English and Japanese audio. At the moment him and his team are focusing on new ideas and projects so porting old titles are not a priority however that being said Tales of Hearts was announced to be re-released internationally.

Dragon Ball Zenoverse

Dragon Ball Zenoverse

Dragon Ball Zenoverse had a few playable characters where I tried out supers and you fly off the ground and do different attacks in the air, the graphics had improved significantly with slick looking 3D characters on screen. New modes in the game include a master and pupil system so kid gohan cane learn from Piccolo and inherit his special moves and also engage in conversation and certain decisions made can be brought back to haunt you. You can also customise your OWN hero for battles and online modes which is the most exciting part for me. This game will be available on Steam so this can have a huge online following; I look forward to the beta testing.

Pacman    and the Ghostly Adventures 2    

Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures 2 

Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures 2 was a different concept reminding me of 3D Sonic’s transition; this game however was based on the Pacman animated series and includes the worlds and characters shown previously. You play as 3D Pacman chomping on things, attacking whoever gets in your way for a fun kids game.

rise of the incarnates panel

A new project was also unveiled to us The Rise of Incarnates with similar character styles from Tekken, this was a whole new game which is free to play. The only time you need to pay is if you want to customise items on your character. 6 characters had been previously revealed, and we were shown a new character called Ra. He is a French guy who fights using a book and has a different mechanics compared to the other characters.

Overall a fun packed day of playing new games and talks with the people behind them with the staff being really helpful and feeding us too. The best welcome to Japan by a games company!

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~Aisha Anime~

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