NSG's Pokémon and Super Smash Bros Event! by Aisha Anime

NSG event


DATE: 18/04/2015
LOCATION: University of Westminster (campus and room TBA)

Hey guys and girls! You've been invited to NSG's first biggest event which will be all about Pokémon and Super Smash Bros! This speical event will consist of:

★ Pokémon ORAS mini-tournaments
★ Super Smash Bros 3DS mini-tournaments
★ Pokémon Roulette for both ORAS and XY
★ Raffles 

Do not worry about missing a thing either because we'll try our best to make sure you can enjoy all the fun stuff to do so you can have a good time!

You will need to bring your 3DS, entry fees and don't forget to sign UWSU Pokémon Society's external guest form if you are NOT a student of University of Westminster.

Please read the pinned post too, for the rulings of the mini-tournaments and Pokémon Roulette. 

We look forward to seeing you all - train hard! ~Aisha Anime~

Pokémon Society external guest form:


Pokémon ORAS mini tournament rulings:


Super Smash Bros 3DS rulings:


Pokémon Roulette rulings:


Photo by League of Extraordinary Cosplay

Photo by League of Extraordinary Cosplay

Belated Christmas Wishes ! by Aisha Anime

xmas pikachu

With all the new game releases and anime one get's snowed under and low and behold I forgot Christmas ! Merry Xmas from Ukanifest ! Now let's look at all the joyous fad gifts you can acquire.

Pokemon Center 2014 Christmas Pikachu edition plush toy. It was only available at the Pokemon Centers in Japan in November, 2014, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity during the Christmas campaign.  Out of production. Made of soft material (polyester), prepare to spend money to get your hands on one !

pokecenter sant pikachu 2014

People in Japan can indulge in the Snow Miku and Rabbit Yukine, available in Family Mart convenience stores. Made of lactobacilli bacteria it's supposedly said to be "mellow" with a "hint of acidity." Please leave comments if you have actually drank this.

snow miku drink

Seasonal items also include snow globes which I recently found stocked at Buck 2014 where a lady made My little pony inspired ones for a fraction of the prices I found Christmas Hello Kitty! Be sure to check out the many variety of snow globes at Sparkler’s Custom Ponies 

hk snowblog

Be sure to link us to any novelty Christmas presents you have received ! ~Aisha Anime~

Pokemon Tour in London by Aisha Anime

pikachu and matsuma and ohisone

A few days ago there was a“Pokémon Premiere” to showcase the whole brand and as a launch event for the 2 new games, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire on Nov 30th.

Nintendo brough 6 game pods showing ORAS at the event, plus some of their Pokémon experts on hand to answer any questions or help play the game. 

Ohmori San and Masuda san were also present fo0r photos and autographs at the event with an extremely energetic Pikachu mascot. The event was limited to a small number of people at a Pprivate hotel in the Westend.