PopAsia: Explore the East at MCM London Comic Con by Aisha Anime



Explore the East at MCM London Comic Con; JapanEx expands and rebrands as PopAsia

MCM London Comic Con's popular 'JapanEx' area will be rebranding as 'PopAsia' from next month's show, focusing not only on Japan but expanding to include the whole of Asia.

While the new zone will continue to feature Japanese food, art and culture, PopAsia will also reflect the UK's growing appreciation of Asian culture as a whole, from Korean pop hits to Indonesian films such as The Raid.

PopAsia's new Kawaii Alley is the perfect path to travel if you want experience everything exciting that Asia has to offer, with exhibitors ranging from Japan Centre and the British Origami Society to Cutesy Kink and Tofu Cute, by way of Doki and the Tokyo Kudan Store.

tofu cute mcm

Meanwhile, PopAsia's food court will give you the chance to sample even more delicious street food than ever, moving to a dedicated area with lots more seating space for hungry visitors! Stalls at London Comic Con will include Nice Ice, Peko Peko, Sasuke and Wagashi.

In addition, the PopAsia stage will be hosting fun events throughout the comic con, from music and dancing to fashion shows and character panels.

So come along to next month's MCM London Comic Con and take a journey through the hustle and bustle of the new market-style PopAsia zone, packed with all the vibrant colour, delicious food, beautiful art and fabulous fashion of traditional and modern Asia!

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