Namco/Bandai: Tales of Xillia 2 Preview Day by Aisha Anime

tales of xillia 2

Still holding fond memorizes of the Namco Bandai preview event for Tekken Tag Tournament, Takes of Xillia & Ni No Kuni. It was great to receive another invitation this time exclusively for for the Tales of Xillia 2.

After seeing the trailer at London MCM Expo in May all Tales of fans were in for the shock that the latest game installment was firstly connected ! The second part hold cameos from our favourite characters from part one. The biggest change is the dark atmosphere, this game has blood and deception wrapped around the mystery of the pocket watches.

Rollo shows Elle who's boss !

Upon playing the game, we were greeted by the mysterious conflict of the two brothers Ludger & Julius at the beginning which is in fact just a dream. Julius is testing Ludger to decide his role in the city. Sadly Ludger fails and is given the job of cafeteria chef, not exactly related to a soldier but Ludger the man of not so many words accepts it.

Rollo (Lulu in Japanese) returns as Ludger & Julius's pudgy pet cat with attitude. Sit back honorable Rapide, Rollo will help you out after some snacks and will scamper off faster than light with the belly bouncing in his wake. Holding an important role helping eight year old Elle Mel Mata who is lost without her father on the search for the 'Land of Canaan'.

Upon Ludger's journey to work, it conflicts with the parade and his path crosses with Jude Mathis. Jude's appearance is different from the prequel, he has lost all childishness behavior and adopted quite a responsibe manner. A full fledged medic, somehow conned into attending an event he's not too interested in. 


From the beginning of the game you control Ludger and you are given decisions at times during conversations or battles where you click either left or right trigger to decide Ludger's next move or conversation reply. This is important for your character development and storyline. For example do you help guide Jude to the station or not? 

The look of the game is following hand to hand combat but in a steam punk setting, loving the technology around the game. Everything is so detailed to the small conversations with people around you. 

Decisions Decisions!

Decisions Decisions!

Everything feels so fluid in the game from playing the game to automatic cut scenes into battles and embedded conversation. I live for the conversations between comrades and this is something you can now skip through if need be or if your more interested in progressing the game.


Fighting is quite enjoyable, you can change the artes around and develop your own combinations of fighting attacks together. This is not an annoying grind like oher JRPGS. It uses an adapted fighting system called "Cross Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System" This battle system features a new "Weapon Shift" system. Ludger is able to shift between three weapons in battle: dual swords, dual guns, and a hammer. Another change is the game uses features the Arrowcell Orb instead of the Lilium Orb.

Even if you haven't played the previous games and other people testing the game out were completely new to the Tales of series, there were hooked instantly. It's set in Elympios, which currently remains in harmony with Rieze Maxia. Elympios is advanced in technology where the people live lavish lives. As the huge decrease in mana from the previous game occurs the people fear Rieze Maxia by calling them "monsters" due to their ability to use Spirit Artes. SO there is quite a bit of politics going on while you run around helping Elle get to the Land of Canaan.

Elle & Rollo character designs

Elle & Rollo character designs