What To Watch: Love Lab by shadebug

I had been worried about the state of High School Girl anime this season, mostly because of how much weight Crunchyroll seemed to be putting behind Going Home Club. It's not a bad show but it's not good either, it has all the elements to be good but just doesn't manage to pull them off. What you, the anime loving populous, deserve is something better and that something is Love Lab.

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ef - A Tale of Melodies, far too much Japanese for our language to handle by shadebug

A short while back I did a review of ef - A Tale of Memories and there was an almighty clamour for a review of the second season. But how could I do that if the second season hadn't been released on DVD? Well, MVM heard your cries so they'll be releasing it in September. Luckily, they let me get my mitts on a copy beforehand so I can let you know whether you need it in your life. So stick about to see how ef - A Tale of Melodies compares to its predecessor.

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