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Moon Period Power ! by Aisha Anime

sm crystal pads

With the popularity of Sailor Moon growing stronger with the release of Sailor Moon Crystal with a revamped and super kawaii anime, there has been a series of new collectables:

"Sailor Moon Crystal is doing a collaboration with Elis, which is a feminine products brand, releasing 6 different types of pads. There are two product lines, the Ultra Guard Safe Until Morning and the Ultra Guard Gokusui. Both types are pads with wings."

Sadly these had not been released whilst I was recently in Japan but as of November 1, 2014 you will be able to obtain in grocery stores, drug stores, home goods stores in Japan Sailor Moon sanitary pads. The retail price varies from 514 yen and 389 yen, for this low price you can have kawaii moon period power !

~Aisha Anime ~

sailor moon crystal pads