Review: One Piece: Unlimited World RED by Aisha Anime

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If you are an anime fan 'One Piece' would ring a bell, one of the first anime's to hit UK tv on Cartoon Network in English Dubbing. It was origianlly a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It reviolves around Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who eats a Devil Fruit and gains supernatural eleasticity powers. He explores the ocean with his rag tag crew in search of the world's ultimate treasure known as One Piece which gives you the title of Pirate King.

Since it's huge success in manga and anime form One piece has over 30 games released by Bandai Namco Spanning from the mid 90's. Despite me absolutely loving the English dubbing I really enjoyed playing the game in the original Jpanese the voices hold the same enthusiasm and over the top reactions I love from the dub. Only possible downside is when action is going on you are busy fliking through he text and the what's going on screen, any veteran JPG- gamer can overcome this but you also want to appreciate the beauty of the graphics.

Grappling time ^_^

Grappling time ^_^

One Piece: Unlimited World RED is the newest in the game series and a story revolving around the kawii crew member Pato the racoon always referred to as Chopper's family, nope they are not related but both seriously cute !

Pato is harping on about 'meeting someone at the start of the game and crew give a non shalant response of 'see ya later, giveus a shout if you need anything while we'redocking here.' Luffy catapults himself onto the Island without evven saying goodbye, gotta love his priority list. Hoever not much info is given on the new character Pato who possesses the power to create anything drawn onto a leaf.

The whole crew go about their chores or shopping for the ladies and Luffy saves a hottie (as usual) and somewhere in between everyone but Pato and Luffy are kidnapped by a pirate The Red Count. We see a brielf intro on the baddie at the beginning and he is ruthless.It’s up to Luffy not only free his friends, but beat The Red Count, help Pato go on his merry way and help the towns folk with their own problems.

The game follows the ultimate universe third person view and  action/RPG gameplay seen previously. The narrative has a great mix of slapstick funny and serious tone at time too however being enjoyable at all times. I never felt ored or like I was in a cycle of grinding mindlessly.

The graphics are impressive especially on the 3DS (platform I played) you had seamless cut scenes integrated within the game play. The 3D was fully shaded, they managed to keep the amusing acial expressions from the anime series on our favourite characters including the love struck Sanji. I felt like I was reading a manga in colour, it was beauty to watch and soak in all the colours.

Once you rescue your crew members you can switch between the 9 characters you want roaming the map and towns, I hardly did this as I took much delight in using Luffy's grapple move to swiftly move around the time. However in fights they all have different special attacks varying from one to one attacks from Luffy or group attacks from Zero (perfect for a ambushed attack).

TIme to fight!

Few things I disliked for the dead camera angle, I hate having to maneuver the camera while walking or fighting - this may  be more helpful on the console games, but i found it really intricate to handle on a handheld. Also if you were new to the series then you'd bbe clueless on who everyone is and what their specialties are. So a small intro or character briefs as they enter the game would have been helpful.

Enjoy endless hours of fun undertakings tasks from townsfolk including Co-op tasks like fishing, bug catching, battling, cooking, mining, exploring...waiting a minute am i in Animal crossing but with humans?! Great action packed jrpg game with graphics to make you reminisce about the manga but fresh new characters to get your wondering what's going to happen next. 

If you buy it from they are offering the Chopper edition with alternate outfits for the whole crew that's 9 DLC on any of the different platforms. Where as world wide you can purchase the Straw Hat edition with different DLC too.


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