Support Shibai and Friends by Aisha Anime


An independent artist's project, who wants to bring her drawings to plush form! If you remember reading mabout my favourite stalls at BUCK 2014 they included a talented plush maker called Pulsefire Kitty, the same creator has ventured to do her own project.

Chrissy is an aspiring plushie maker and quite talented and successful, however a lot of her plushies require the man power to make such detailed beauties so she can only make so many in such time and at a high manual labour cost. 

Since of copyrights she can't mass produce HOWEVER this is different for her own characters, she has made a band of animals headed by the cute Inu Shibai. Shibai the dog, along with his friends, aim to fill the world with cute animal characters that will brighten up your day!

Support independant artists like Chrissie who is now trying to mass produce Shibai to give us her cute designs at an affordable price.

~Aisha Anime~



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