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Shojo Manga: Japanese Girl’s Comic’s Exhibiting in UK by Aisha Anime

Calling all Manga fans! The first major exhibition of Japanese Shōjo manga in the UK has opened and runs till the beginning of June.

After such great introduction from the Japan Foundation suddenly the popularity of shojo manga has been realised and more avenues have been opened.

Running from Friday 18th March 2016 – Sunday 12th June 2016, House of Illustration hosts the first major exhibition of Japanese Shōjo manga. Theexhibition includes featuring ‘Genga’ (Dash) prints of the pioneering work of 1970s manga artists Akiko Hatsu and Keiko Takemiya, and contemporary artist Yukiko Kai.

Japan’s shōjo manga culture dates back to the post-war years, but only evolved into the broad-ranging and hugely-popular form of today as a result of the innovative work of a small group of artists in the 1970s.


The exhibition is running in association with the Kyoto International Manga Museum and The Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

House of Illustration is open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm.

The gallery is also running manga workshops for families and teens during March and April.

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