NSG's Pokémon and Super Smash Bros Event! by Aisha Anime

NSG event


DATE: 18/04/2015
LOCATION: University of Westminster (campus and room TBA)

Hey guys and girls! You've been invited to NSG's first biggest event which will be all about Pokémon and Super Smash Bros! This speical event will consist of:

★ Pokémon ORAS mini-tournaments
★ Super Smash Bros 3DS mini-tournaments
★ Pokémon Roulette for both ORAS and XY
★ Raffles 

Do not worry about missing a thing either because we'll try our best to make sure you can enjoy all the fun stuff to do so you can have a good time!

You will need to bring your 3DS, entry fees and don't forget to sign UWSU Pokémon Society's external guest form if you are NOT a student of University of Westminster.

Please read the pinned post too, for the rulings of the mini-tournaments and Pokémon Roulette. 

We look forward to seeing you all - train hard! ~Aisha Anime~

Pokémon Society external guest form:…/1r1eu89bu8eeHRzbKXvWquGP…/viewform

Pokémon ORAS mini tournament rulings:…/10VcSlEfPg_00dhTIMH3xTH2kaBL…/edit

Super Smash Bros 3DS rulings:…/1OxVLFqF9cDRgk8uRMCWY_zLom40…/edit

Pokémon Roulette rulings:…/1vSHLsgzug2SdnBcQs-x7wP3cHSO…/edit

Photo by League of Extraordinary Cosplay

Photo by League of Extraordinary Cosplay

[Event]AI My Maid x Shimagamo Smash Sisters by Aisha Anime

ai my maid group.jpg

Welcome to the Ai My Maid cafe experience! 6 months after the previous event they have set up at the beautiful restaurant Shimagamo located in Camden Town. Serving up authentic Japanese cuisine and beer. Read up about the past Ai My Maid events here.

Being in a posh restaurant did not affect the maid experience in anyway, both slots were sold out and had in total 10 maids! This ensured all customers were served and played with accordingly.  People had the chance to purchase or win game plays, chekkie.

Rabbit Enevelops made by one of the Maids

The theme was Smash due to the resent release of the game on Wii U - customers were welcome to bring 3DS's for battles and extra controllers on the bigger consoles. It was 50p per game/battle. They also had an array of board games to choose from including pastime Jenga and connect 4.

The raffle also included plushies, games and amazon vouchers which lucky lady Rena won. All in all people came to hang out with friends and  indulge in some maid antics with such great personalities such as Maid Emi Chiriko the resident gamer maid ready to beat you on almost every game imaginable.

The chekki's were particularly popular with one enthusiast who purchased over 10 with all the maids and individuals, Top, said that it was his first time and had so much fun he needed to have souvenirs. Everyone left happy and excited for the next event. Find more photos here.

Please click photo at bottom for the gallery :-)

Photos taken by Tobi Ninjafox

Happy Halloween: Nintendo Smash Tourney by Aisha Anime

Ben made it to the Semi finals -but stiff competition beat him.

Ben made it to the Semi finals -but stiff competition beat him.

This years Halloween has been a unique one, one I didn't dress up at but had lots of fun coutesy of Nintendo. Nintendo send emails out to people to register for free tickets to their Nintendo event at Bethnal Green

The event located in a large club venue housed up to a few hundred of people watching the Smash tournament on a large boxing ring. To add to the effect their was smoke and challengers came in wearing boxing robes and gloves. There were also casual fights on stage with randomly selected attendees to win t-shirts and other prizes.

boxing ring smash

If you wanted to get hands on yourself there were playable consoles at the back with Smash on Wii U and 3DS aswell as showcasing the new Sonic Boom. Sonic Boom was a great game where you have little chance to dying, you simple move around the constantly running hedgehog and grapple at certain points. Staff were around to help people if needed or you could bogey with the happy mascots including - Donkey Kong, Mario, Luigi and Pikachu. 

The evnt span from 11a-8pm and included free hot dogs, drinks and sweets to keep the gamers energy levels up. More photos here.

pokemon cosplay