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Tales of Zestiria Trailer and exclusive for USA and EU PC by Aisha Anime

An unseen evil force known as Malevolence is spreading across the land, corrupting the world and causing humanity to falter.  Players will embark on an epic journey as Sorey, a young pure-hearted adventurer whose destiny is to become The Shepherd, an individual of great power that can banish Malevolence. Does Sorey have the courage and heart to wield this extraordinary responsibility for good, or will he fall prey to the evils of its power?

TALES OF ZESTIRIA introduces a new version of its celebrated real-time battle system, allowing for faster combat with side dashes and new combo opportunities with the fusion techniques.  Throughout his quest, Sorey will befriend humans and spirits known as Seraphim, unseen to most humans, to aide him on his journey.  Because of Sorey’s unique ability to communicate with the Seraphim he is able to fuse with their essence to create new elemental artes for strategic attacks to decimate foes.  

 “The TALES OF series continues to connect with RPG fans searching for a pure Japanese role-playing experience. With the high adoption rate of the current generation of consoles and continued popularity of the PC platform, we are more than excited to be able to adapt TALES OF ZESTIRIA™ to the PlayStation®4 system and STEAM exclusively for Western fans across the Americas and Europe. Players will now be able to choose which platform they want to experience the TALES OF ZESTIRIA™ adventure on!” said Herve Hoerdt, Vice President of Marketing & Digital at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe.

TALES OF ZESTIRIA™ will be available across Europe, Middle-East and Australasia for PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 on October 16, 2015. PC (via STEAM) version will be available starting October 20, 2015. 

For more information regarding TALES OF ZESTIRIA:

Official Website: www.TalesOfGame.com
Official Blog: http://blog.TalesOfGame.com
Official Twitter: @TalesOfU
Official Facebook: http://fb.com/Tales

20 Year Anniversary of 'Tales of' JRPG series by Aisha Anime

tales 20th

Can you believe Hideo Baba has given us 20 years of epic fantasy plots and mesmerizing characters and monsters? Since 1995, the Tales Of series held it's own against Final Fantasy -with it's breathtaking storylines, universal themes, unique battle style and character designs to make you go weak at the knees ladies ;-)

BANDAI NAMCO Games have put together a video showcasing the full timeline of this beautiful and long tale-teller:

Thanks to fans and JRPG lovers, the series is celebrating its 20th anniversary with Tales of Zestiria, a tribute in every sense:

Tales of Zestiria is yet to hit our Shelves
Coming in 2015, Tales of Zestiria will be going back to the roots in terms of setting with its medieval environment, feeling of epic fantasy, and classic storytelling. The story follows Sorey, a young idealistic Human living with Seraphims, legendary beings invisible to other humans that have nonetheless shared the same soil for centuries. In a world torn by war and political skirmishes between the Hyland Kingdom and the Rolance Empire, Sorey will have to accept the burden of the Shepherd and fight human darkness to protect the world from malevolence that poison the world and reunite all races once more.
An anniversary won’t be complete without massive surprises... Stay tuned for amazing news over the upcoming months!

Bandai Namco Bring Biggest Games Stand to London MCM this weekend by Aisha Anime

Aisha Anime with Hideo Baba at Bandai Namco HQ i Japan

Aisha Anime with Hideo Baba at Bandai Namco HQ i Japan

BANDAI NAMCO Games UK will present its biggest and most ambitious stand to date at MCM this October showcasing an incredible line-up of unmissable games, including a first consumer hands-on with DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE on new-gen consoles, Project CARS, ADVENTURE TIME: THE SECRET OF THE NAMELESS KINGDOM and show favourites, TALES OF HEARTSTM R and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN ULTIMATE NINJA STORM REVOLUTION.

Full line-up of games:



·         PROJECT CARS




·         TALES OF XILLIA 2


BANDAI NAMCO Games are privileged to have attendance from Tales series producer, Hideo Baba, DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE development studio, DIMPS: Development Producer Masahiro Kashino and Technical Director Hiroshi Waki. A rare public showing by DARK SOULS II developer FromSoftware, Line Producer Yuzo Kojima and Game Director Yui Tanimura will be made only on Saturday 25th October.                      

Signing sessions for Masahiro Kashino for DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE and Hideo Baba for the TALES OF Series will take place on the BANDAI NAMCO Games stand on Saturday 25th October from 1:00pm and 4:00 for one hour each. For attendees going on Sunday 25th October, signing sessions are available from 11:00am and 2:00pm. Anyone that appears in cosplay as a character from either the Tales Of series or the DRAGON BALL series during the signing sessions will get their photo taken and a thank you gift. Signings with Yuzo Kojima and Yui Tanimura will take place Saturday 11:00am-1:00pm on the BANDAI NAMCO Games stand.

Furthermore, for the first time at MCM, BANDAI toys will be joining the BANDAI NAMCO Games stand where they will be showcasing products from the exciting new construction concept Sprukits, the Legacy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers collection and the upcoming Disney movie Big Hero 6.

Bandai are excited to be showcasing upcoming collector and toy lines at Comic-Con this year and are really looking forward to working with BANDAI NAMCO Games on our first major UK show collaboration” said Chris Pearce, Product Manager for Bandai.

"We are very pleased to be showcasing our brilliant games alongside Bandai at MCM London Comic Con” Lee Kirton, PR & Marketing Director for BANDAI NAMCO Games UK. “We have some of the most diverse and exciting games for fans of all ages and genres and we are pleased to continue supporting this great show. Dreams, Fun and Inspiration"

October will also see the return of the official BANDAI NAMCO Games Store, with special show-exclusive offers on games and merchandise, including a super-limited edition PAC-MANTM and Tales Of T-shirt. A PAC-MANTM ghost plush will be offered to the first 50 purchasers each day, it is highly recommended to go to the BANDAI NAMCO Games stand as early as possible to take advantage of these great offers.