Aisha Anime Interviews Masahiro Kashino (Dimps) by Aisha Anime

 Aisha Anime catches up with Masahiro Kashino from Dimps at London MCM Expo to talk about their new features on Dragon Ball Xenoverse since her last chat in Japan before Tokyo Game Show.

Release date: February 5, 2015
Developer: Dimps
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

Bandai Namco TGS Preview by Aisha Anime

tales of zestiria logo

Knowing that the Tokyo Game Show was going to be packed with press as well as normal attendees Bandai Namco thought out a great way so we could all get a chance on their hot new games. They invited me to play them in the privacy of their impressive offices with the producers and developers on hand to answer any questions.

bn hq japan

Upon entering the autumn themed HQ with chairs, fruit, Gundams adorning the site, we followed the trail upstairs past all the merchandise in cabinets including Tekken, Love Idol, Tales of, Pac man and drum game kits. You could also play with their many pods which had cameras and motion sensors to make shades appear on your face or you could make the appearing fish move away from you.

All the press were designated a team leader we had Dennis from America who helped where possible to explain the games to us and take us to the talks.

Digimon     All Stars Rumble

Digimon All Stars Rumble

It was exciting to be trying out Digimon All Stars Rumble  before anyone else in the UK, having such nostalgia for the game, it was a shock to see how serious it was. The game was a full fighting game with room to digivolve and use super moves. You could also collect items that randomly appeared after a timer in the fighting area to either target bombs at your competitor, or reverse their evolution and you digivolve instead. It was fast paced and easy to pick up.

Tales of Zestiria   

Tales of Zestiria 

Tales of Zestiria was the game everyone huddled around constantly, the game had two demo modes available to try out one was to demonstrate the CGI where you could feast your eyes on Square’s top notch graphics and get a glimpse of all the new characters. We all wanted to try out the battle mode which showed some significant changes such as seamless integration from cut scene to fighting stance. No loading time at all, before selecting your move.  We got to hear a presentation by Hideo Baba who announced the great news that by great demand of the fans he will be making all future games dual audio so we will get the option of English and Japanese audio. At the moment him and his team are focusing on new ideas and projects so porting old titles are not a priority however that being said Tales of Hearts was announced to be re-released internationally.

Dragon Ball Zenoverse

Dragon Ball Zenoverse

Dragon Ball Zenoverse had a few playable characters where I tried out supers and you fly off the ground and do different attacks in the air, the graphics had improved significantly with slick looking 3D characters on screen. New modes in the game include a master and pupil system so kid gohan cane learn from Piccolo and inherit his special moves and also engage in conversation and certain decisions made can be brought back to haunt you. You can also customise your OWN hero for battles and online modes which is the most exciting part for me. This game will be available on Steam so this can have a huge online following; I look forward to the beta testing.

Pacman    and the Ghostly Adventures 2    

Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures 2 

Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures 2 was a different concept reminding me of 3D Sonic’s transition; this game however was based on the Pacman animated series and includes the worlds and characters shown previously. You play as 3D Pacman chomping on things, attacking whoever gets in your way for a fun kids game.

rise of the incarnates panel

A new project was also unveiled to us The Rise of Incarnates with similar character styles from Tekken, this was a whole new game which is free to play. The only time you need to pay is if you want to customise items on your character. 6 characters had been previously revealed, and we were shown a new character called Ra. He is a French guy who fights using a book and has a different mechanics compared to the other characters.

Overall a fun packed day of playing new games and talks with the people behind them with the staff being really helpful and feeding us too. The best welcome to Japan by a games company!

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banda namco merch

Tokyo Game Show 2014 Glimpse by Aisha Anime

tpkyo game show logo

Hello from Japan ! Recently I was in Japan and was invited to attend Tokyo Game Show 2014 (TGS) seeing sneak peaks of new games to come and Japan only titles *sniff sniff* 

We had Thursday and Friday exclusively for press only, the venue itself was triple the size of the Uk's Eurogamer. The room was purely dedicated to the branded merchandise and Mad Catz stage.

battlefield mug shot

With a whole new experience for Battlefield: Hotwire where we were escorted to get our mug shot then led into a planning room where we were explained the mission: Hot wire where you were either the police and stopped people stealing cars or you were stealing cars and trashing the police where possible. Then we were led on stage to have a proper game with 48 players ! I took the sly tactics and searched for a helicopter and sniper-ed people. While people played this game like GTA but without the prostitutes.

guilty gear booth babes

I managed to go to the special press desk to watch some highly skilled booth babes play Guilty Gear Xrd which was fantastic. The graphics up close really were better than the youtube footage. The special moves went in to slow motion and seamlessly into animated cut scenes. I was introduced to two new characters including: Sin Kiske, Bedman, Ramletherl Valentine, Elphelt and Leo.

Sin Kiske is Ky's son and Elphelt is obsessed with Sin and often tries to get him to sign a marriage certificate in the ending cut scene when she wins a fight. Overall the cut scenes are a work of art. The great thing about playing Elphelt is she has three stances, two of them include a sniper riffle and a shotgun for strategic fighting, hit them while their down ! 

elephelt gg

Hidden in the PlayStation village I got to play Disgaea 5 <3 Sadly it was all in Japanese text but I winged it in the battle preview so their are new classes available such as female zombie and a fairy. From what I saw one of the main character's is a little girl sitting on a morbidly obese Prinny. prinnies for the win people. New things added to battles is when a character kills an enemy the other enemies grow animosity towards them and 'revenge' appears on screen so the enemies will target that one character which is good is your play the game tactically and use the strong characters as bait. Also when the battle is over the top three characters used the most receive more benefits like extra points (not sure what for). graphics haven't really improved for the likes pf the PS4 so it could of been a handheld console title only really but will not dter me from buying it (provided someone donates me a PS4 ?!).


Final Fantasy: Type Zero was an interesting game to play, you take charge of three students from the academy and you can rotate between whop you want to control and attack. Frankly as soon as you run out of Magic points your screwed. It was all real time battles and as you ran towards a monster it was a seamless transition to battle so that was great  no loading time. 

Bravely Second which was hard to play because of it being (Japanese) text heavy, it felt like I was playing the original game, same graphics and maps. This game has currently only been confirmed for Japan.

mh town

The longest queue at the vent was by far for Monster Hunter 4 enclosed in it's own tropical paradise, with 3DS  consoles ready for 15 minute missions for every participant. Not only did you get to pick a weapon of your choice and be aided by your trustee Felynes in maid cosplays you got kick some butt. Most of the game was in Japanese but this was the only booth with English instruction sheets and ladies explaining to me what to do - but hey I'm no amateur hunter I showed my skills and beat down the various dino bosses and carves the booty. At the end of the experience we received our own booty in form of a nice Monster Hunter bag to keep. The graphics looked sharper and the new map sytem was fantastic being able to zoom down to the particular room and see all the exits in the room. 

fusion db

I had initially came to track down a famous cosplayer attending called Vampy Bite me at the Mad CatZ stage but ended up walking into Street Fighter Tournaments featuring top players such as the Beast and Jaigo! To top things off on Saturday for my last try to find Vamp Bite me I ended up walking into a talk about Tekken 7 With Harada, the creator himself. Sitting at the front I test my Japanese to watch the trailer about Hitachi's lover entering the tournament, you know things are getting serious! But Harada was nothing but laid back wearing his Idol Master top with hidden Pikachu tee under neath showing the love for Pokken. Talking about new character Catilina and all the stuff he bought in Tokyo including his own series of Tekken figures. This was the most exciting news for me from Namco Bandai to add to fan girling I did at the large dragon next to the Dragon Ball Xenoverse stand !

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Harada tekken mad catz