Shorts On Tap present: BLOODY FOREIGNERS by Aisha Anime

bloody foreigners

Shorts On Tap present: BLOODY FOREIGNERS- 7 Short Films this Thursday, February 12th at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, London E1 from 7pm. £3 Entry.

Get ready for the ultimate wave of immigration.. the invaders are coming and they DON'T speak this language.  A mega selection of majestic short films from overseas: embrace the difference, love the accent, learn the lingo, bury the sword and experience the cultural shock to the full, the Bloody Foreigners are already here.

Discussing, debating, commenting on the films with their directors.
A great opportunity to check new work, expand your network, make friends and enjoy a night out checking some great talent. 

Doors open at 7pm for a chat-and-a-pint networking session
Screening starts at 8pm
Show ends approximately at 10:30pm

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It only happens in the movies? Japanese Cinema and Encounters: London Day 2 by Aisha Anime

My Little Sweetpea: Megu & Norio

My Little Sweetpea: Megu & Norio

After four back to back movies yesterday the we have another four today and a few more next week before the Japan Foundation tours to another area so you do have another chance to catch one of this great screenings such as Wood Job!, My Little Sweetpea,  A Bolt from the Blue, Nobody to Watch over me, 

Dates: 30 January to 26 March 2015




Wood Job!
The Light Shines Only There
The Handsome Suit
Short Peace
Scattered Clouds
Nobody to Watch Over Me
My Little Sweet Pea
Carmen from Kawachi
Bolt from the Blue
Blood and Bones
All About Our House
A Letter to Momo

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Wood Job!

My Little Sweetpea

A Bolt from the Blue

Nobody to Watch over me

The Light Shines Only There (up soon)

Nobody to Watch Over me

Nobody to Watch Over me

Japan Foundations Touring Film Festival: Wood Job by Aisha Anime

Wood Job!

Wood Job!

Last night ICA London kicked off the start to the Japan Foundation (UK) It Only Happens in the Movies? Japanese Cinema and Encounters. Starting the festival with film 'Wood Job!' by acclaimed director Shinobu Yaguichi who directed the comedy Waterboys and was in attendance.

Read my review of Wood Job!

Shinobu Yaguichi will be touring around the country doing Q&A's and speaking with fans outside of the screening, if you missed this wonderful opportunity yesterday have no fear and attend one of the other screenings. The next London screening will be February the 3rd.. Buy tickets here. See you guys at the next show :-) ~Aisha Anime~

aisha with shinobu yaguchi