Aisha Anime

Aisha Anime interviewing Veronica Taylor, original voice of Ash Ketchum, Pokemon

Aisha Anime interviewing Veronica Taylor, original voice of Ash Ketchum, Pokemon

Aisha Anime lives in the heart of multicultural London, where she went to school in Kent, where she developed a phobia of Maths and creaky stairs - she wanted to further her career of Video games designer, sadly this plan fell through so plan B was initiated and she strove to become a journalist. 

Since it's not good to keep all this creativity pent up Aisha took up interests such as seamstress, jewelry making,  photographer, blogger and socialite. When your doing a degree like English Literature you kinda stick out amongst all the book worms but luckily she went to Goldsmiths, University of London and found some like minded buddies who encouraged her passions.


It was there her love for Japanese culture was nurtured, relieving stress on Mortal Kombat in the Student Union and even turned a few people to a wonderful concept of “Anime”.

A writer for a thirst of the Japanese random, Aisha Anime attend’s all the upcoming Japanese related events in London. She like to design casual Cosplay outfits in he spare time as well as collaborates with Costume-Box (costume designers and sellers). Apart from Cosplay her interests include street passing events, game previews, Japan Underground, movies, conventions, J-Fashion and hosting her own Anime related Podcast come video show called The Anime UK Show/Otaku Nation at Playnation Games, Croydon. Japanese culture is more than Hello Kitty; read her articles for an insight into a world of kawaii & wonderful!

Aisha has also appeared on TV as well as interviewed some of the most well loved voices from our favourite anime's including Veronica Taylor to Japanese icons like Danny Choo, follow her adventures below:

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Steve Russell 

Steve Russell is a freelance writer and award winning film maker, with an unmitigated passion for pretty much all things geek. 

Having written for a number of websites, covering a diverse range of subjects that include movies, TV shows, anime, video games, as well as professional wrestling, Steve has also had experience covering events; having reported live from The Golden Joystick Awards, as well as numerous conventions. 

His first short movie, First Date, will shortly be in Festivals, and he is currently working on his first feature length screenplay, Gamers, as well as planning his debut novel. 

Please feel free to contact Steve via his Twitter account, @stevetendo, or through his blog, Write Steve Write.

You can also listen to Steve as he dissects each weeks worth of wacky, odd, news from around the world in his show: The Totally RanDumb Podcast, available on iTunes each Monday at 12PM GMT.


Morning all,

Looks like I’m meant to tell you all how infinitely qualified I am to tell you about the goings on of the anime world in the UK. Problem is, I’m not. I’m just a guy who watches a whole bunch of shows and likes to give back to the community.

By day I make a digital education platform happen, by night I’ve been known to podcast about film, sub shows into languages I know and organise anime nights for the uninformed.

I got my start watching anime as a young British boy watching the Mysterious Cities of Gold and Samurai Pizza Cats and as a young Colombian boy watching Captain Tsubasa and Saint Seiya. I got into it seriously when I attended UKC and joined Kentanimeted, the best damned university anime society in the world.

The majority of my job here seems to be to tell you all about the current season and what you might not have realised is worth watching through my What To Watch articles and my ShadeWatch twitter. My tastes skew towards anything at all, but my favourites are probably Josei and Slice of Life stuff.

I try not to read manga because I don’t want any spoilers for the anime. It’s a hard life because I never get to enjoy stuff like Yotsuba& or Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer but it’s the life I’ve chosen to lead. Speaking of, I’m off to see what else is on.

Alexandra Neri

Hi guys!

From here on I'll be joining the UK Anifest blogging team. I'm Alex, from the Philippines. I've been an avid fan of all things anime and Japanese, and have been writing and sharing about it since 2009.

Don’t be alarmed though, because I barely fit in here, so I’m suppose that means I’m not a “typical” Yank. And then sometimes, I guess I am... Anyways!

So, yes. Anime, JRPG’s, 2D fighting games, anime action figures, Gundam models, Japanese punk music, and crazy Asian haircuts. Asian cinema, period. It’s on the rise! Japanese history, past and modern culture, and mythology are all pretty interesting to me as well.

Thanks for your time so far, and I appreciate any time given in the future. I hope I can entertain y’all (told you I was from “The South” lol) as much as you entertain me... Yeah.

‘Til next time!

Marian Streeter

Hi All!

My name is Marian, but I’m also known as Spice-chan because of my artist name, AnimeSpice. I’m new to the blogging scene here on UKAnifest and thoroughly excited to get started and to share the deep enigmas of my mind that I hope you find amusing.

There’s a go-to phrase that just about every hard-core anime fan agrees with or likes to drop : "Anime is my Life". This is true. I have to say I do love my anime. And it has greatly influenced the direction of my life.

Quite frankly, I’m American. So unfortunately, my place of residence can not be found on the shores of the UK. But! I hope bring new perspectives and news from afar. It’ll be an interesting experience connecting with readers from across the seas and I do hope my attempts of quirky wittiness and excessive descriptiveness won’t make you gag.

I will also be dipping into asian cinema, cultural trends and other related news more directly associated with asian influence in the UK and the United States.

So that’s it in a nutshell!

Thanks for the opportunity UKAnifest & I’ll see you guys around!

Chris Tang


My name's Chris, and I'll be joining the UKAnifest blogging team.

Anyway, some stuff about me (if you're interested); I was born thirty-something years ago, my family are Malaysian Chinese, but I'm UK born and very much English, culturally.I'll post about anything that peaks my interest, so long as it's related to Asia!

I love this stuff, and I'll do my best to write all about it! I'm pretty slow these days, and don't necessarily have the voracious appetite that I had ten years ago, so I may not keep totally up to date. There's so much entertainment out there, and it moves so quickly, it's difficult to keep up with it all. So don't be surprised if I tend to look back at the past.

Thanks UKAnifest for inviting me here, and I look forward to sharing my views with everyone and hearing what you have to say too!

Mark Egan

Hello, Hei, Dia Duit and Ni Hao to you all!! :D

My name is Mark (sometimes also known online as 'Rawr') and I am genuinely very excited to join the crew here at UKAnifest! I hope to do my level-best to provide you with blog posts that you will find both fun and informative. 

I come to you as both a massive fan of Anime, and as a wannabe web-manga artist who's been spending the past few years putting together some tales of his own making. 

I love storytelling, and I am delighted when a story is told well, which is probably why I enjoy Anime so much.

If you are at all curious about what I do there, just search up the phrase 'rawrtacular' and you will find my web-manga. I have had a blast producing them, and I honestly hope you enjoy too :)


Hi Everyone!

Pleased to meet you. I'd like to introduce myself to you.

I originally came to Japan in 2009 as a study abroad student, only to return I loved it so much. Now I live and work on Kyushu, the furthest south of the four main islands.

If you ask me why Japan, I'm afraid I can't really explain it. All I can tell you is that for as long as I can remember I've been fascinated with the country. I love everything about it- from Anime, Manga and JDrama to the more traditional aspects, including clothing, temples and festivals. And everything inbetween, but one of my real passions is music. I adore JRock and Visual Kei, but I like listening to most kinds of Japanese music.

I'm hoping to be able to share with you my love of Japan and hopefully introduce you to all kinds of new and interesting items and experinces.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Please look after me.

Gabe Canada

My name is Gabrial Canada. I am a card carrying mutant from Indianapolis Indiana. I even wrote an article about it. Say it loud I'm mutant and proud (LINK). It details my genetic condition known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or more commonly as being double jointed.

I got interested in Anime at an early age creeping out of bed as early as four thirty just to watch a block of cartoon programing that included Dragonball, Ronin Warriors, Tekaman Blade, and the henshin spoofing Samurai Pizza Cats. How could a young easily influenced mind not fall in love with anime after exposure to all of that nineties insanity!

For the last six years I've hosted Anime screenings and discussion meetups in Indianapolis through the Indy Anime Underground. We have over three hundred members and have worked with the Japanese Society of Indiana to promote anime at large scale events in the past. Including the bridges to Japan exhibit at the Indiana State Fair. With over a quarter of a million attendees it became the largest Japanese cultural even in America that year.

I look forward to talking Anime in the UK. I am familiar with British fandom through its ofshoots here in the states. I recently worked with BBC Home Entertainment to host official screenings of classic episodes of Doctor Who in the months leading up to the fiftieth anniversary of the show.

Swifty EL

Hi people of inter-web… 

I’m Swifty EL from Essex  but born and raised in East London (I am Not an Essex Boy). I will be joining UKAnifest blogging team in my mission to share my passions, my opinions and thoughts on comic book, shows, movies and other related products.

 I’ve been reading comic books best part of my life of 29 + years and to be honest my thoughts are generally lost after a few days past so this is one of the reasons why I want to blog, review and air my thoughts, But over all just have FUN.

I’ve never really tried to do this type of thing before other than talk with friends or family/the Wife about it but  they always end up saying ‘’your to geeky for me’’ or ‘’SHUT UP’’ So when I got the invite to blog on UKAnifest I jumped at the chance. I’m not gonna bore you to much or go into depth on my background or history I will just inform you that I will give my honest opinion to each one of my reviews.

This looks like a job for Superman!

Signing off... Swifty El

The originator, the creator, the director and the man with a plan, @ukanifest occasionally blogs / writes but more importantly he keeps us going financially and creatively.

 If starting UKAnifest was not enough, our creator also owns Toymation Ltd and owns an specialist audio business that creates lifestyle systems in the UK. 

"The love for anime and asian films are unprecedented. My passion falls on asian film from Korea, Japan and China. I can safely say that I love asian cinema"

If you want to suggest anything (for the website) , have news or just wanna reach out for a business opportunity email: and we will put you in contact with the originator and creator @ukanifest